214 Yutong new energy buses help Chile's public transport

Automotive Author: EqualOcean News Feb 19, 2024 11:20 PM (GMT+8)

Recently, Yutong Bus successfully delivered 214 new energy buses to Chile, the order size refreshed Yutong's single delivery record in Chile and even Latin American markets, and also marked the further expansion of Chinese bus manufacturers in the international market, but also injected new vitality into Chile's public transportation system.


Chile, as an important country in South America, is actively promoting the electric transformation of public transport in recent years. The delivery of the Yutong bus will directly serve the public transport system of the Santiago capital, especially the long-distance commuter service that connects the main city with surrounding towns. These new energy buses will not only help reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality, but also provide passengers with a more comfortable and efficient travel experience.

It is worth mentioning that Yutong bus is not the first time to enter the Chilean market. In fact, the company entered Chile as early as 2005 and has gradually become a major player in the local new energy bus market. Over the years, Yutong Bus has won the trust and recognition of the local government and passengers through continuous product innovation and service optimization. This large-scale delivery also once again proved the technical strength and market competitiveness of Yutong bus in the field of new energy buses.

The 214 new energy buses delivered this time are tailored by Yutong according to the actual needs of San Diego's public transportation system. These vehicles not only offer high energy efficiency and environmental performance, but also advanced safety features and a comfortable ride experience. This will bring a complete upgrade to Chile's public transport system.

The successful delivery of Yutong Bus in the Chilean market is not only a victory of commercial cooperation, but also an important breakthrough for China's bus manufacturing industry in the international market. This event not only helps to promote the electric transformation of public transport in Chile, but also establishes a good image and reputation for Chinese bus manufacturers in the international market. With the increasing global attention to environmental protection and sustainable development, it is believed that more and more Chinese bus manufacturers will participate in international competition in the future.