Meta-universe shooter game Matr1x FIRE receives strategic investment from Animoca Brands

Technology Author: EqualOcean News, Sun Chang Feb 22, 2024 02:27 PM (GMT+8)

On February 21st, Matr1x FIRE, a meta-universe shooter game, announced that it has received strategic investment from Animoca Brands for an undisclosed amount.


Matr1x FIRE is a cyberpunk-style shooter with 3A-level game graphic effects, and is the first mobile shooter of Metaverse. It is a first-person shooter that supports both mobile and PC. Players can choose from a list of playable characters, engage and fight to destroy enemies in 5V5 teams, and win digital assets such as NFTs through battles. The game also offers both strategy and casual PVE gameplay modes, and will host various Matr1x FIRE tournaments in the future.

Matr1x FIRE's development company, Matr1x, is a Singapore-based NFT game company with a development team of 50+ people. They are committed to developing an innovative cultural and entertainment platform of Web3 + Artificial Intelligence (AI) + eSports, to utilize blockchain technology and AI to bring revolutionary change and innovation to the gaming and digital content industry.

In addition to Matr1x FIRE, the platform also launched MATR1X BATTLE, a battle royale-playing game. The games on the platform skillfully integrate eSports, gaming mechanics, AI technology, and the concept of an open-world meta-universe to provide users with an entirely new entertainment experience.

Matr1x had announced the closing of a $10 million Series A funding round in February 2023 with participation from Hana Financial Investment, Hashkey Capital, Amber Group, Seven X, and others; and another $10 million Series A-2 funding round in November of the same year with Folius Ventures, SevenX, ABCDE Capital, Jambo, Initiate Capital and Find Satoshi Lab.

Currently, the MATR1X platform is preparing a number of Web3-based game products, covering different genres such as MMORPG and open-world SOC, and has conducted extensive exploration and R&D in intelligent eSports, AI behavioral tree design, AI-generated content (AIGC), as well as dynamic content generation. In the future, the MATR1X platform plans to deepen and innovate around its diverse entertainment products, eSports, AI technology, IP development, and underlying technology to drive the Web3 industry forward.

In response to this financing, Matr1x said, "Together, we are ready to redefine Web3 gaming and empower our communities like never before."