Zhida Technology, a leading household electric vehicle charging pile company, launches IPO

Automotive Author: EqualOcean News, Sun Chang Mar 05, 2024 12:06 PM (GMT+8)

On February 29, Zhida Technology (Shanghai Zhida Technology Development Co., Ltd.) submitted a Hong Kong stock listing application and planned to be listed on the Hong Kong main board. It is expected to raise approximately HK$1 billion.

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Headquartered in Shanghai, Zhida Technology was founded in November 2010 and is a leader in smart hardware for home charging of electric vehicles and a digital platform for green energy.

The smart charging products and community charging service platform independently developed and manufactured by Zhida Technology, have been deployed in more than 360 cities and more than 100,000 communities across the country, serving 80% of Tesla, BMW, Volkswagen, SAIC, etc. More than 500,000 owners of electric vehicle brands provide home and community charging services. In 2021, the Internet sales of Zhida Technology's C-end products on major Internet platforms have ranked at the forefront of the industry among professional charging pile manufacturers.

From 2021 to the first three quarters of 2023, Zhida Technology has shipped a total of 900,000 household electric vehicle charging piles globally and a total of 800,000 household electric vehicle charging piles in China. In terms of sales of household electric vehicle charging piles, Zhida Technology has a market share of 20.5% in China and 12.2% in the global market. It is the world's largest provider of home charging solutions for electric vehicles.

Starting from 2022, Zhida Technology will promote "going global" as an important strategic direction of the company and accelerate its overseas business layout. At present, Zhida Technology has established a wholly-owned overseas subsidiary ZD Energy in Singapore to launch the charging product and service brand ZHIDATECH globally. At the same time, the team of Zhida Technology has also settled in Thailand, focusing on Thailand, radiating into the Southeast Asian market, and cooperating with BYD, Great Wall, Nezha and other independent brands to launch.

Currently, there are approximately 4,000 household electric vehicle charging pile manufacturers around the world, most of which are small and medium-sized manufacturers. In terms of global sales of household electric vehicle charging piles, the world's top five electric vehicle home charging solution providers account for approximately 45.9%, with Zhida Technology ranking first, with a market share of approximately 12.2%. In the next step, Zhida plans to gradually form a global layout with three major bases: China's global headquarters, Singapore's overseas headquarters, Southeast Asia, the European Union, and the Americas.