Yanyin Technology raised tens of millions of yuan in angel round financing

Healthcare Author: EqualOcean News Mar 26, 2024 06:40 PM (GMT+8)

Recently, Yanyin Technology announced that it has completed tens of millions of yuan in angel round financing, and the investor is Qiming Venture Partners.


The funds will be used to upgrade and promote the biomedical digital scientific research collaboration platform, and conduct application research and development of large biomedical artificial intelligence models.

Yanyin Technology was established in October 2023 and is committed to building a new generation of biomedical digital scientific research collaboration platform to improve the efficiency of biomedical research and development. The company's core team has many years of experience in biomedicine and digital R&D.

The company focuses on providing artificial intelligence scientific research collaboration platforms and solutions for the biomedical field. The services they provide include molecular biology gene editing research platforms, biomedical large model libraries, laboratory process automation systems, intelligent data management, intelligent analysis prediction and visualization software, etc. These services are aimed at universities, research institutions and pharmaceutical companies across the country, providing them with artificial intelligence research support. The company plans to help 100,000 researchers and scientific research scientists in the field of biomedicine use legal molecular biology tools in the next few years through the academic version (free) and professional version; and through the enterprise version, it will provide 1,500 innovative pharmaceutical companies across the country. A cost-effective scientific research collaboration platform.

With the completion of this round of financing, Yanyin Technology plans to invest more in product research and development. They will work with partners in the field of biomedical artificial intelligence to develop intelligent applications using biomedical artificial intelligence large model technology, such as AI intelligent documentation, biomedical Co-Pilot, 3D protein structure prediction and intelligent experimental design. With the help of artificial intelligence technology and big data analysis, it will be possible to monitor key data and indicators that affect experimental progress, generate experimental insights, and help researchers conduct efficient experimental simulations, thereby improving the efficiency and speed of biomedical research and development.

Dr. Chen Kan, partner of Qiming Venture Partners, said, "The biomedical digital scientific research collaboration platform built by Yanyin Technology using leading digital technology and large biomedical models has greatly improved the efficiency of R&D experiments of biomedical companies. The company's founding team has both 'technical skills' ' and 'Pharmaceutical Gene', and has rich experience at the business end and company management and operation level."