Xiaomi Auto's SU7 Delivery Delayed: Orders Face Up to Six-month Wait

Automotive Author: EqualOcean News, ChenZhiheng、JiangShan Apr 01, 2024 02:11 PM (GMT+8)

On March 31, the latest update from Xiaomi Auto unveiled an extension in the delivery timeline for the SU7 model, resulting in certain orders encountering a waiting period of up to six months. Reports suggest that standard version orders now necessitate 13-16 weeks for delivery, while the Pro version is anticipated to require 16-19 weeks, and the Max version faces a delivery timeframe of 24-27 weeks.

In response to this remarkable surge in orders, Lei Jun, chairman of Xiaomi Group, took to Weibo on March 31 to announce the detection and prevention of abnormal and scalper orders. Consequently, a second round of additional sales will be initiated. Lei Jun specified on Weibo that a mandatory deposit of 20,000 yuan is requisite, with orders being confirmed upon placement. Users who previously placed orders for the non-foundation edition are eligible to participate in this new round of sales. Upon successful order placement, the order will be upgraded to the founding edition. This round of subscriptions also presents an opportunity to avail luxury car purchase rights of up to 31,000 yuan, as announced on March 28.

Xiaomi's entry into the automotive market has aroused significant interest since its inception. During the initial weekend following the SU7 launch, the manager of the Xiaomi Auto Store in Shanghai revealed that the test drive event extended until 3 a.m., with a substantial queue forming outside the door.

While the prolonged delivery timeline may impact consumer confidence somewhat, Xiaomi remains sanguine about the additional sales initiative. Lei Jun's marketing strategies during the initial phase generated considerable excitement at Xiaomi Auto's launch event, resulting in tens of thousands of orders and attracting significant attention. However, the coordination of Xiaomi's new factory's supply chain, completed just last year, continues to pose a challenge. Concurrently, meeting the escalating market demands presents a significant obstacle.

Xiaomi Auto must closely monitor production capacity expansion and proactively implement measures to ensure that production capacity aligns with market demand. This will establish a robust foundation for its future development.