GAC Aion enters the Indonesian market

Automotive Author: EqualOcean News, ChenZhiheng Apr 03, 2024 03:30 PM (GMT+8)

The Indonesian automotive market has once again welcomed a Chinese automaker, namely GAC Aion. GAC Aion is aiming to cooperate with Indomobil Group, a local dealer in Indonesia, in the Indonesian market.

Speaking at the signing ceremony of the partnership in Jakarta on Tuesday (April 2), Jusak Kortowidzo, President of Indonesia's Indomobil Group, said: "In line with Indomobil Group's commitment and the company's active role in reducing carbon emissions, we are proud to bring GAC Aion, one of the world's top three electric vehicle manufacturers, to Indonesia.

As the dominant player in China's third-largest automotive market, GACEA enters the Indonesian market to provide local consumers with more environmentally friendly vehicle choices. As we all know, GAC EAN is one of the largest automobile groups in China with the most complete industrial chain. Guangzhou Automobile Group has four major passenger car brands under its umbrella, namely GAC Toyota, GAC Honda, GAC Motors, and GAC EAN. Meanwhile, the general manager of GAC EAN, Mr. Gu Huinan, said that a subsidiary of Guangzhou Automobile Group established in 2017, we aim to become the world's leading brand of intelligent electric vehicles, covering the development path of both electric vehicles and smart internet vehicles.

According to reports, INDOMOBIL Group's business covers a wide range of areas from vehicle manufacturing to automotive finance, and its parent company, the Salim Group, is one of the top three consortiums in Indonesia, which will provide support for GAC Aion's development in Indonesia. According to the cooperation plan of the two parties, GAC AA will cooperate with INDOMOBIL Group in the fields of vehicle manufacturing, automotive sales and service and finance, energy ecology, mobility market, and upstream and downstream of the industry chain.

GAC Aion will launch four new vehicles in the coming year, which will make their debut at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Automotive Show (GIIAS) in June. The automaker will start with two models, the Aion Y Plus and the Hyper HT, in a lineup that includes sedans, SUVs, and supercars.

GAC Aion's globalization strategy is being accelerated, and it has already made significant progress in ASEAN markets such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, and the Philippines, and has invested in its first overseas manufacturing base in Thailand. In the future, GACEA will further accelerate the pace of its globalization layout and build global production and sales bases in Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas.

Indonesia is not only the largest country in Southeast Asia in terms of population and the largest consumer of automobiles, but also has rich nickel resources, which provides a strong policy and resource advantage for the development of the automobile industry. INDOMOBIL Group, a large group of companies whose business covers a wide range of fields from vehicle manufacturing to automotive finance, and whose parent company, the Salim Group, is one of the top three consortiums in Indonesia, will provide strong support for GAC Aion's development in Indonesia.