Neta Plans to Enter the Brazilian Market in 2024

Automotive Author: Notrice Apr 19, 2024 05:06 PM (GMT+8)

EqualOcean has learned that in 2024, Neta(哪吒汽车), a new force in car manufacturing under the umbrella of Hozon(合众汽车), plans to enter the Brazilian market. Recruitment for business management personnel targeting the Brazilian market has already begun.

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Neta, a new force in car manufacturing under Hozon, was officially launched in 2018 and has completed multiple rounds of financing prior to this move. In 2022, Neta delivered a total of 152,000 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 118%, with 3,456 deliveries overseas, gaining recognition in the market and becoming one of the most outstanding new car manufacturing brands of that year.

Currently, Neta has four models in the overseas market, among which the best-selling model is the Neta GT, a sporty two-door coupe that has been registered with the Brazilian National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI). Its electric motor generates 462 horsepower. The Neta GT is available in front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, accelerating from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 6.5 seconds, with a range of either 562 kilometers or 580 kilometers. Another flagship model of the brand is the Neta S.

According to EqualOcean, unlike other car manufacturers' marketing strategies, Neta did not directly enter the European market at the beginning of its global expansion. Instead, they chose a path suitable for themselves based on their own advantages in intelligence and electrification, combined with the local market conditions, which is to focus on the ASEAN market first before planning to enter the European Union.

Currently, the competition in the domestic new energy vehicle market is extremely fierce, and "go global" has become a new track for many new players in the industry. Neta's pace of international expansion is even faster. Not only has it achieved impressive sales performance in the Southeast Asian market, but it has also proposed a comprehensive deepening of its global expansion strategy, aiming to enhance its global strategy through "technology-based expansion". Currently, Neta is fully deploying its overseas business, strengthening its core technology output, shifting its focus from "manufacturing" to "technology services", aiming to impact global sales of millions.

Previously, Neta's parent company, Hozon, successfully completed a CNY 5 billion financing round from three parties: Tongxiang State-owned Capital Investment Operation Co., Ltd.(桐乡市国有资本投资运营有限公司), Yichun Jinhe Equity Investment Co., Ltd.(宜春市金合股权投资有限公司), and Nanning Minsheng New Energy Industry Investment Partnership Enterprise(南宁民生新能源产业投资合伙企业). It is expected that this financing will further accelerate the pace of international expansion.