Digital Reading Manufacturer Onyx Completes Series B Funding Round

Technology Author: Notrice May 21, 2024 06:28 PM (GMT+8)

EqualOcean has learned that Guangzhou Onyx International Inc.(广州文石) recently announced the successful completion of a Series B funding round worth CNY several hundred million. This round was led by Lenovo Capital(联想创投) and included investments from renowned institutions such as TRANSCEND OPTRONICS(川奇光电), Chuangyu Investment(创钰投资), and CEDARVIEW CAPITAL(景柏资本).

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Founded in 2008, Onyx specializes in digital reading and e-reading technology and product innovation. In fact, as early as 2006, the Onyx team began exploring the commercialization of e-ink technology and has been dedicated to the development and service of e-ink products ever since. The founding team comprises members from top companies like Microsoft, IBM, and Google.

Currently, Onyx's product lineup includes BOOX e-ink tablets, e-readers, and monitors. Recently, Onyx was awarded the global top sales accolade for color e-ink screen products by Eink. Onyx's products are now available in over 60 countries and more than 100 regions, with millions of loyal users worldwide.

E-ink screens are Onyx's core research and development focus. In 2009, the company launched its first 6-inch electromagnetic handwriting open e-reader, marking the beginning of the BOOX product line. In 2013, Onyx introduced the first Android-based e-ink screen, the C65, and fully transitioned to the Android ecosystem. Over the past 15 years, despite fierce competition in the e-ink industry, Onyx has maintained a leading position due to its strong capabilities.

Onyx's BOOX products and technologies have continuously evolved over the past 15 years, striving to provide a reading experience closer to that of paper books. This dedication has significantly increased Onyx's brand recognition within the industry. In the e-ink field, Onyx has also introduced the first single-screen e-ink phone and a 13.3-inch Qualcomm-based smart e-ink tablet, among other products.

E-ink screens, also known as "electronic paper," are developed by Eink, a global leader in e-ink screen research and production. Known for their eye-friendly and energy-efficient properties, Eink screens enjoy a leading market position. This investment, led by Eink, underscores their recognition of Onyx's extensive expertise in eye-friendly e-ink tablet technology and the BOOX brand.

EqualOcean learned that on April 26, Onyx launched the Note X3 Youth Edition, a reading and writing e-ink tool designed for professionals and students preparing for exams. Featuring a 10.3-inch screen with 92% transparency, the device maximizes the reading and writing experience to closely resemble real paper. Its productivity-oriented design is evident. Additionally, the Note X3 targets the educational market, further expanding Onyx's application scenarios in the education sector.

Today, Onyx comprehensively covers scenarios such as mobile light office, smart classrooms, and smart reading, encompassing both learning and office needs. The company provides services for both C-end (consumer) and B-end (business) users and customizes industry-specific products and applications for various renowned educational institutions, financial organizations, law firms, and public security and legal departments.