Neta to Enter Brazilian Market, Launching Three New Models This Year

Automotive Author: EqualOcean News Jun 06, 2024 06:17 PM (GMT+8)

EqualOcean has learned that on May 28, Neta(哪吒汽车) held its inaugural press conference in Brazil, announcing its entry into the Brazilian market. The event attracted 50 of the most influential journalists in Brazil's automotive industry, as well as 15 social media influencers. Attendees highly praised Neta's global strategy, brand philosophy, and product value.


This event marks the official countdown to Neta's brand launch in Brazil. The company plans to officially enter the Brazilian market in the second half of this year, opening a new chapter in its strategic development in South America. During the press conference, Neta provided a global perspective on the development trends of electric and hybrid vehicles and detailed its strategic layout in the Brazilian market, including the upcoming establishment of a KD factory in Brazil to serve the entire South American market.

At the event, Sun Guang(孙光), Assistant President and Executive Vice President of Neta's Overseas Business Unit, stated: "Brazil is one of the largest automotive markets in the world and has significant influence on the South American market. The Brazilian new energy vehicle market is rapidly developing, and consumer acceptance of new energy vehicles is continuously increasing. Neta is delighted to enter the Brazilian market and provide Brazilian consumers with a first-class car buying and after-sales service experience."

Neta plans to introduce three flagship models to the Brazilian market in 2024. According to its strategic plan, by 2025, Neta will expand its product lineup by launching more models and entering multiple market segments. Additionally, the company plans to establish an extensive dealer network in Brazil, focusing on regions with the most strategic business potential.

EqualOcean's research indicates that in 2023, Neta's overseas exports reached 15,913 units. In the first four months of this year, Neta's exports continued to grow rapidly, with cumulative exports reaching 33,000 units. Zhou Jiang, Vice President and President of Neta's Overseas Business Unit and Executive Vice President of the Marketing Company, explained that currently, Neta's overseas sales account for 50% of its total sales.

In addition to exporting complete vehicles, Neta has established overseas factories for localized production in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and other locations. Neta also globally deploys original parts and technical support capabilities, with dedicated parts warehouses established in China and overseas to support rapid local service.

By 2024, Neta plans to establish 500 sales and service outlets worldwide.