The First Train for Monterrey Lines 4 and 6 Monorail Project Successfully Delivered

Automotive Author: EqualOcean News Editor: Leci Zhang Jun 07, 2024 05:25 PM (GMT+8)

CRRC Puzhen, a subsidiary of CRRC Corporation, successfully developed the first train of Monterrey Line 4 and 6 Monorail project in Mexico, and held a pick-up ceremony at Monterrey Steel Park. Painted in bright green and incorporating elements of Nuevo Leon's geography and culture, the 25-kilometer project route will support autonomous driving and provide local residents with efficient, convenient, green and comfortable travel options while enriching and improving Mexico's tr

sunbway train

EqualOcean has learned that the delivery ceremony of the first train for the Monterrey Line 4 and Line 6 monorail project in Mexico, developed by CRRC Puzhen, a subsidiary of China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC), was held at the renowned Steel Park in Monterrey recently. Samuel García Sepúlveda, Governor of Nuevo León State, Hernán Manuel Villarreal Rodríguez, Minister of Urban Planning of Nuevo León State, Abraham Vargas Molina, President of Monterrey Metro, and Li Dingnan, Chairman of CRRC Puzhen, and other guests attended the ceremony and unveiled the first train.

The Monterrey Line 4 and Line 6 project spans a total length of 25 kilometers. The train livery is themed in fresh green, incorporating elements of the lion from the emblem of Nuevo León State, symbolizing courage and strength. It also integrates other natural elements such as the sun and mountains, where the sun represents freedom and independence, and the mountains represent the geographical features of the state, fully showcasing the geographical and cultural characteristics of Nuevo León State. The train consists of 13 cars with 6 carriages each, supporting unmanned operation.

CRRC Puzhen, also known as CRRC Puzhen Rail Transit Equipment Co., Ltd., is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CRRC Corporation Limited, focusing on the research, development, production, and sales of rail transit equipment. The company, located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China, boasts advanced manufacturing facilities and a technology research and development center. Its product line includes urban rail vehicles, metro trains, trams, as well as related components and systems. The company not only holds a significant position in the domestic market but also actively expands into the international market, exporting its products to various countries and regions. Mexico is an important international market for CRRC Puzhen. With its professional expertise and innovative capabilities in the rail transit field, CRRC Puzhen has become one of the leading enterprises in the industry.

The introduction of trains for the Monterrey Line 4 and Line 6 monorail project in Mexico will bring efficient, convenient, green, and comfortable travel experiences to local residents, further enriching and improving Mexico's transportation network system.