H-Great Secures CNY 40 Million in Series A Financing

Automotive Author: EqualOcean News Editor: Leci Zhang Jun 28, 2024 05:36 PM (GMT+8)

H-Great recently completed a CNY 40 million Series A financing round which will primarily be used for capacity expansion, new product development, and market expansion.

With the rapid development of China's automobile industry, the brand competition pattern is "shuffled"?

EqualOcean reports that  “H-Great (华皓伟业)”  recently completed a CNY 40 million Series A financing round, with investments from "Dunhong Capital (敦鸿资产)" and “Guoxin Venture Capital (国芯创投)”. The funds will primarily be used for capacity expansion, new product development, and market expansion.

Established in 2014, H-Great has three main product lines: automotive semiconductors, Mini backlights, and plant backlights. After nearly a decade of accumulating high-performance LED design and packaging technology, the company has officially entered the automotive-grade LED market. Their products cover exterior lighting, interior ambiance lighting, and in-car displays, making H-Great one of the first domestic companies to be listed as a supplier for leading car manufacturers.

The growth of China's automotive market has spurred the demand for digital cockpits, smart cars, pixel headlights, and digital headlights, which in turn drives the development of the industry chain behind new automotive technologies, including the LED sector. Both domestic and international LED supply chains are intensifying their focus on the automotive field to capture the demand in this niche market, making it one of the most dynamic segments in the LED industry.

According to H-Great, the company has seven years of experience delivering automotive backlight products, which have achieved mass production. Their automotive headlights address the industry issue of excessive temperature rise by using their self-developed white adhesive combined with ther mocompression eutectic technology, effectively controlling temperature rise to only 5°C higher than that of mainstream international headlight manufacturers. For automotive tail lights and daytime running lights, which face issues of excessive power consumption affecting vehicle range, H-Great's products can generally reduce power consumption by 30%. In terms of price, their product system is comparable to that of Osram and Seoul Semiconductor but meets the cost reduction needs of domestic automobile manufacturers.

The automotive backlight market faces issues with contrast and brightness that require the use of Mini backlights to resolve. However, ordinary Mini backlight products increase backlight thickness, necessitating vehicle mold modifications, making mass production challenging.

H-Great states that their Mini backlight products are the only ones in China that can achieve a direct replacement solution for automotive-grade Mini backlights. These products can achieve a higher dynamic range and contrast effect, ensure uniform heat dissipation at high brightness (>1000 nits), and maintain ultra-thin profiles while rivaling OLED screens in contrast. Additionally, their lifespan is longer than that of OLEDs. They have already achieved mass supply of Mini high-brightness screen backlight modules, with brightness reaching 5000 nits, the highest in China.