Botin Innovation Secures Nearly CNY 100 Million in Series A+ Financing

Automotive Author: EqualOcean News Editor: Leci Zhang Jul 01, 2024 04:31 PM (GMT+8)

Botin Innovation has completed a nearly CNY 100 million Series A+ funding round. The company focuses on product development and global delivery and aims to enhance operational efficiency for restaurant enterprises through AI digital kitchen solutions.


EqualOcean has learned that “Botin Innovation (不停科技)” recently completed a nearly  CNY 100 million Series A+ funding run. “WestSummit Capital (华山资本)" led this round, with participation from existing shareholders including Professor “Gao Bingqiang (高秉强)”'s "Brizan Ventures (生态圈基金)," Professor Li Zexiang (李泽湘)'s “XBOT PARK (清水湾基金),” and Professor Gan Jie (甘洁)'s “Zhixing Yihao (知行一号基金),” which have consistently provided oversubscribed support over three rounds. Star Capital served as the exclusive financial advisor for subsequent financing..

Founded in January 2021, Botin Innovation offers integrated AI digital kitchen solutions encompassing hardware and software. Targeting the global market, the company digitizes kitchen operations through products like intelligent cooking robots and smart kitchen scheduling systems. This digitization ensures dish consistency, helps reduce labor costs, alleviates workforce shortages, and enhances operational efficiency and scalability for food service enterprises, including major restaurant groups and operators in chains, hotels, airlines, and catering services across 17 countries and regions.

CEO and founder "Chen Rui (陈锐)" emphasized, "Scaling has always been a challenge for the restaurant industry. AI digital kitchen solutions accelerate the expansion of food service enterprises and establish a global business footprint." Over 70% of Botin Innovation's team is composed of research and development personnel, with key members hailing from institutions such as The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Georgia Institute of Technology, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Tsinghua University, and Huazhong University of Science and Technology. They bring extensive executive experience from companies like KPMG, Intel, and IBM, with backgrounds in robotics, food service, and internet industries.

EqualOcean understands that the rapid integration of AI with the restaurant industry is reshaping dining experiences and operational efficiency. AI enhances various facets of restaurant operations, from automating kitchen processes to personalized customer interactions. AI optimizes operations and food preparation processes in the kitchen, ensuring dish consistency, lowering operational costs, and improving efficiency.