Mexican Developer Finsa to Build Fifth Industrial Park in Nuevo León

Automotive Author: EqualOcean News Editor: Leci Zhang Jul 09, 2024 07:21 PM (GMT+8)

Mexican real estate developer Finsa announced the construction of its fifth industrial park in Nuevo León, covering 79 hectares and expected to host 20 companies, creating around 35,000 jobs. The park will be part of Finsa's next generation of sustainable real estate, featuring circular economy initiatives like water recycling facilities and solar panels.


EqualOcean reported that Mexican real estate developer Finsa has announced plans to construct its fifth industrial park in Nuevo León. The park, spanning 79 hectares, will be built in two phases on recently acquired land. Once completed, the park is expected to host 20 companies and create approximately 35,000 direct and indirect jobs. Finsa's President and CEO, Sergio Argüelles, commented, "We are thrilled to launch this new project in Nuevo León, which aligns with Mexico's market demand and our company's interests. Nearshoring continues to be a major driving force for the development of Mexico's industrial sector, and we are ready to capitalize on this advantage."

The new industrial park, named Finsa Monterrey Apodaca II, will be part of Finsa's next generation of sustainable real estate. The park will incorporate various circular economy initiatives, such as water recycling facilities and solar panels to service the park's public areas. Additionally, a 20 MVA (megavolt-amperes) substation will ensure energy supply. Argüelles added, "Finsa is committed to promoting industrial development in Mexico by providing parks with the necessary infrastructure to attract the world's best companies to operate here. Most importantly, we aim to create employment opportunities in decent spaces."

Currently, Finsa operates four industrial parks in Nuevo León, located in Guadalupe, Monterrey Apodaca, Santa Catarina, and Santa Catarina Phase II. These parks have attracted 94 companies and created nearly 31,000 jobs, with most businesses in strategic sectors such as automotive, electronics, metalworking, warehousing, and logistics. Since its founding in 1977, Finsa has been at the forefront of industrial real estate development in Mexico, managing and operating 24 industrial parks across the country with a total developed area exceeding 130 million square feet.

Finsa is renowned for its innovative and sustainable development approach, introducing several concepts to Mexico, including supplier parks for the automotive industry, mixed-use projects integrating industrial, residential, and commercial spaces, and the first LEED-certified industrial buildings in Mexico. Currently, Finsa's LEED-certified industrial buildings account for 17% of the national total.