EO Intelligence Report -- Ant Financial Case Study

EO Intelligence Report -- Ant Financial Case Study

EO Intelligence Report -- Ant Financial Case Study

Healthcare, Financials Author: Butao Wang Jun 29, 2019 09:06 PM (GMT+8)

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EO Intelligence Report -- Ant Financial Case Study


  • By sorting out the investment agency engaged in Ant Financial's financing events, its pre-IPO financing round not only involved Chinese investors, but also 12 overseas ones
  • EO Intelligence believes Ant Financial plans to expand global markets by sharing profit in the future
  • The payment business has been the most fundamental and core business of Alipay and even Ant Group
  • In addition to the investment in China, Ant Financial have also established branches in 14 countries and regions around the world, reaching cooperation agreements with at least 25 countries
  • Among the confirmed 16 overseas investment events, Ant Financial's investments in the financial field take up the highest proportion of 68.75%


  • 1 Ant Financial overview
  • 2 Financing and Shareholding Structure
  • 3 Background
  • 4 License and Product Information
  • 5 Investment Events
  • 6 Ant Financial Development Strategy
  • 7 Globalization
  • 8 Serving Small and Micro Businesses
  • 9 Credit System
  • 10 Ant Financial Revenue Forecasting
  • 11 Business Data Disclosed by Ant Financial and Third Parties
  • 12 Revenue Structure
  • 13 Postscript

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Exploring Ant Group's Ecosystem by consolidating product and business segments, investment and equity


Of Ant's key financial indicators

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