China's 'Star Market': A New Engine for the Budding Tech Sector
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China's 'Star Market': A New Engine for the Budding Tech Sector

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China's 'Star Market': A New Engine for the Budding Tech Sector

Financials, Automotive, Healthcare Author: Ivan Platonov Sep 17, 2019 10:19 PM (GMT+8)




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An analysis of Shanghai's new trading venue, where game-changing technology and public equity come together.


  • The Star Market is the country's first large-scale trading platform allowing yet-to-be-profitable companies to file for an IPO
  • Another feature is the registration-based system that drastically shrinks the time firms spend queuing for listings on other boards of the Shanghai and Shenzhen bourses
  • Five different listing standards were developed for local tech startups, two for red-chip companies and others for those who have already issued shares with a WVR (weighted voting rights) structure in Hong Kong
  • Pursuing a goal of domestic high-tech business cultivation, the board is geared to serve companies across 35 industry verticals, from advanced materials and consumer electronics to the recent hot sectors such as AI and IoT


  • 1 Highlights
  • 2 Introduction
  • 3 Financial market reform spurred by macro trends
  • 4 New rules of the game: a remedy for the insanely volatile market?
  • 5 Who’s been lured? An overview of the sci-tech board applicants
  • 6 Projecting tomorrow: our future research on the sci-tech board
  • 7 Appendix
  • 8 Key contacts

In this report

25 Charts

Depicting the Star Market's development path, regulations and the applicants' key business indicators

153 Companies

That applied for IPOs on the Star Market analyzed

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