From Fizzling to Sizzling: China Industry Internet Report 2019
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From Fizzling to Sizzling: China Industry Internet Report 2019

From Fizzling to Sizzling: China Industry Internet Report 2019

Consumer Discretionary, Technology, Consumer Staples Author: Linyan Feng Oct 16, 2019 08:40 PM (GMT+8)




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This is how EqualOcean breaks down the hottest topic in China's tech world and how each part is performing – right now, right here.


  • Among many other business innovations, we will see mainstream use of enterprise tech and marketplace-enabled e-commerce enlivening the landscape
  • Going digital requires a complete rethink for established to-business players, founders and investors: deploying digital technologies to drive new innovations, especially vertical innovation and reimagining of value chains
  • In building a B2B marketplace, total addressable market (TAM) and upstream concentration is of the utmost importance
  • The hottest subsectors on the map: auto aftermarkets, food & agriculture, education and healthcare
  • While we see vertically focused SaaS gaining traction with the key strategy of disciplined customer segmentations in the US, China is lagging in the development of vertical technology


  • 1 Highlights
  • 2 Introduction
  • 3 The Industry Internet – what is it?
  • 4 The Industry Internet is filled with most of 2B companies
  • 5 It takes more time for B2B marketplaces to generate success
  • 6 Embracing the era of Cloud: SaaS stocks performed well in markets
  • 7 Talking shop – what’s happening now?
  • 8 Growing automobile aftermarkets see unprecedented adoption of Internet
  • 9 Opportunities for integration in catering & hospitality The large MRO and B2B commodities marketplaces, yet technologically weak
  • 10 China’s logistics are becoming increasingly professional
  • 11 Emerging verticals embrace the Internet
  • 12 Horizontal SaaS infiltrates every aspect of business
  • 13 The digital transformation across pharmaceutical industry
  • 14 Business moves fast, but real estate has historically moved slowly
  • 15 Retail e-commerce SaaS business stands out – two large firms go public
  • 16 Edtech finds a place in corporate training, early childhood and K-12
  • 17 Looking beyond: What we can expect for the future? Who’s betting on the Industry Internet?
  • 18 How big is the gap between the US and China?

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Mapping China's Industry Internet


List of companies belonging to the local ecosystem

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