Semiconductors: Trends and Startups 2019
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Semiconductors: Trends and Startups 2019

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Semiconductors: Trends and Startups 2019

Healthcare, Technology, Financials Author: Ivan Platonov Dec 07, 2019 12:00 PM (GMT+8)




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Next 50 in Global Tech


  • We estimate that the global semiconductor market will reach USD 520 billion by 2023, up 21.21% from this year's USD 429 billion
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) chip market is projected to grow at a 41% CAGR, reaching USD 41.25 billion by 2023
  • In the next few years, Moore's law is likely to steam up, with transistor allocation taking a three-dimensional shape
  • The Central Processing Unit (CPU) – the 'one-man army' of the semiconductor world – will inevitably lose much of its clout in the industry to Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC)
  • The use of new materials, complex SoC integration and other symptoms of 'more-than-Moore' will spur progress across a handful of areas both at different stages of a certain value chain and between verticals that previously weren't linked


  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Highlights
  • 3 Next Global Tech 50: microelectronic blacksmiths of tomorrow
  • 4 Even more than 'more-than-Moore'? The industry overview
  • 5 Depth and precision: accelerating Artificial Intelligence
  • 6 'Connected everything': building the Internet of Things
  • 7 Comfort and safety: implanting automotive electronics
  • 8 Great Expectations? The near future of computer chips
  • 9 Appendix

In this report

8 Functional clusters

Represented by the global top 50 startups

5 market projections

In the sectors essentially based on the semiconductor industry

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