EO Intelligence: CATL Research Report 2020

EO Intelligence: CATL Research Report 2020

EO Intelligence: CATL Research Report 2020

Technology, Automotive Author: Qasim Khan Aug 03, 2020 04:42 PM (GMT+8)




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In this report, EqualOcean takes a deep dive into the business of CATL, the largest Chinese electric battery provider and the main upstream partner of Tesla, NIO, Xpeng and other top electric vehicle manufacturers. A comprehensive analysis of the most significant aspects of the company's operations and strategy is presented here.


  • Power battery shipments have grown rapidly, and Chinese companies have grasped the trend to rise
  • The number of R&D team members continues to increase, the proportion of master's and doctoral degrees continues to increase, the overall level of the R&D team develops upwards, and the R&D capacity of the enterprise strengthens
  • CATL started as a power battery company, and has now deployed its power battery upstream mining and battery materials, and downstream new energy vehicles, battery recycling and charging and switching operations
  • From product competitiveness perspective, high-energy density and low-cost battery products are the core product factors for CATL to continuously seize market share
  • Lithium battery market grew fast from 2017 to 2019, which boosted CATL’s related sales. The trend is expected to continue


  • 1 Power battery market prospects
  • 2 New Energy Vehicle market
  • 3 Power Battery market
  • 4 CATL analysis
  • 5 History
  • 6 Team background
  • 7 Industrial layout
  • 8 Operation analysis
  • 9 Business analysis
  • 10 Future development of CATL
  • 11 Future challenges and opportunities
  • 12 Research on future development strategy

In this report


of CATL's history dissected

charts, graphs and tables

showing different aspects of the market, CATL's business and comparison with its competitors

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