5G, China's Story
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5G, China's Story

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5G, China's Story

Technology Author:Ivan Platonov Aug 31, 2020 10:44 PM (GMT+8)

ContributorsYingwei Fu, Beier Kan, Dixuan Lu, Qing Lan, Hang Yang, Zhu Peng

EditorLuke Sheehan


CopyrightEqualOcean Intelligence



Business implications of the looming wireless upgrade.


  • The technology layer will present at least USD 947 billion of 5G-related investment opportunities in China over the next five years
  • The absolute dominance of smartphones, which shaped the 4G era, will be challenged by various IoT-type devices
  • We expect the local base station optical module market to add an extra USD 8 billion to the total value of the 5G ecosystem in 2020-2025
  • The nationwide demand for data storage capacities is projected to grow tenfold by 2025, creating over USD 126 billion of value in the data center field
  • The Chinese semiconductor industry, including contract manufacturers and OSAT companies, will add more than USD 231 billion to the value pool


  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Executive summary
  • 3 China's 5G business ecosystem
  • 4 'Explain 5G as if I were 5'
  • 5 Instant winners: the technology layer overview
  • 6 Application layer stars: an investment handbook

In this report

130 companies

From the technology and the application layers to win big from the 5G rollout in China

14 market projections

Across a number of areas from semiconductors to terminal devices

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