WIA 2020 | 30 Tech Entrepreneurs in China

WIA 2020 | 30 Tech Entrepreneurs in China

WIA 2020 | 30 Tech Entrepreneurs in China

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This research includes 150 entrepreneurs operating the most promising technology-based businesses in China. The candidates have been selected across five distinct categories by 4-5 groups of criteria, including professional background and business achievements. The report is a valuable resource for institutional investors seeking groundbreaking businesses in China, as well as for international corporations looking for partnerships in the local market.


  • 90% of the selected Youth Entrepreneurs 2020 are active in the Technology, Communication and Consumer sectors – areas that have seen a plethora of disruptive business models appearing over the past few years
  • 54% of China's overseas returnees name the country's rapid economic growth among the reasons for their decision to go back, which indicates a rather positive outlook of the local labor market
  • 73% of the selected AI Entrepreneurs are based in Beijing and Shanghai, two major technology and education hubs of the Asian nation
  • 21 women-founded startups reached the 'unicorn' status in 2019 globally – over five times more than in 2013; in China, edtech company VIPKID is the largest among such entities
  • 69% of foreign entrepreneurs in China have experienced administrative licensing problems, while over half of them have faced product approval delays


  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Highlights
  • 3 30 Young-gen Tech Innovators in China
  • 4 30 Science-Entrepreneurs in China
  • 5 30 AI Entrepreneurs in China
  • 6 30 Female Entrepreneurs in China
  • 7 30 Foreign Entrepreneurs in China
  • 8 Lessons from startup experience in China

In this report

17 charts

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150 entrepreneurs

shortlisted as the most prominent representatives of China's tech scene across five categories

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