WIA2020 | Next 50 in Global Tech: Artificial Intelligence

WIA2020 | Next 50 in Global Tech: Artificial Intelligence

WIA2020 | Next 50 in Global Tech: Artificial Intelligence

Technology Author: 梁嘉琪EO Dec 09, 2020 09:20 AM (GMT+8)




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In this report, EqualOcean analyzes the current mainstream Artificial Intelligence (AI) application technology and studies the status quo and development of the global and Chinese AI industry from the aspects of talent, research, investment and market scale. In addition, EqualOcean dissects the potential opportunities and challenges of AI applications in China and provides insights into the global AI development and China's AI development trends.


  • EqualOcean analyzes China's artificial intelligence's opportunities and challenges from four aspects globally: academic research, professional talents, industry investment, and market size.
  • EqualOcean takes artificial intelligence application technology as a classification to compile the 'Next 50 in Global Tech: Artificial Intelligence' list, which aims to shortlist the most promising companies.
  • After studying the current status of the global artificial intelligence market, EqualOcean proposes four global artificial intelligence development insights and two Chinese artificial intelligence development trends.


  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Highlights
  • 3 Definition and meaning of Artificial Intelligence
  • 4 AI technology development
  • 5 Range of research and list classification
  • 6 Three key drivers for Artificial Intelligence
  • 7 Status quo of AI talents
  • 8 Status quo of AI academic research
  • 9 Status quo of AI indurstry investment
  • 10 Status quo of AI indurstry scale
  • 11 Market map 'Next 50 in Global Tech: Artificial Intelligence'
  • 12 Commercial case study
  • 13 Insights of AI future development
  • 14 Future trends
  • 15 List (Appendix)
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