WIA2020 | Next 50 in Global Tech: Retail

WIA2020 | Next 50 in Global Tech: Retail

WIA2020 | Next 50 in Global Tech: Retail

Technology, Consumer Staples Author: 李佳琪 Dec 09, 2020 02:51 PM (GMT+8)




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This report provides a summary of the 2020 market trends and capital activities in retail technology. It also analyzes the applications of various technologies as well as breakthrough innovations in the industry. Meanwhile, EqualOcean selects 50 promising retail technology companies worldwide to create 'Next 50 in Global Tech: Retail' by comparing the companies' financial backgrounds, valuations, market prospects, equity structures and so on.


  • This report focuses on consumers, goods and places of retail as clues to explore how the three elements and their relationships are reformed under the application of new technologies.
  • This report analyzes six categories based on the applications of technologies in retail.
  • By compiling the 'Next 50 in Global Tech: Retail' list, EqualOcean aims to identify retail technology companies with the potential to become future leaders in the sector by utilizing cutting-edge technologies.


  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Highlights
  • 3 Next 50 in Global Tech: Retail
  • 4 New technologies are revolutionizing retail
  • 5 Capital is active in global retail technology
  • 6 Customer Experience
  • 7 Customer Operations
  • 8 Supply Chain Optimization
  • 9 Product Digitalization
  • 10 Channel Management
  • 11 Digital Store
  • 12 Future Trends
  • 13 List (Appendix)
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