Equity Research Report: Xiaomi Corporation

Equity Research Report: Xiaomi Corporation

Equity Research Report: Xiaomi Corporation

Technology Author: Ivan Platonov May 20, 2021 07:23 PM (GMT+8)

ContributorsBeier Kan

EditorLuke Sheehan, Zhiqing Chen


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Xiaomi's continuous global expansion, new cross-category product synergies and growing presence in premium price bands in China have elevated its stock price. EqualOcean presents its first equity research report on the company, touching upon various facets of its business.


  • Empowered by the consumption upgrade and the enhanced wireless connection capacity in China, Xiaomi’s IoT business segment is on a rise.
  • But the monetization strategy of this nascent segment remains vague.
  • There are six major factors driving Xiaomi's business growth: 1. Organizational development; 2. Brand power; 3. New retail; 4. IoT-empowered connectivity; 5. Ecosystem companies; 6. Global expansion.
  • We place these drivers within a two-dimensional framework based on two pillars -- user base and pricing power/profitability. Each driver affects all the business segments.


  • 1 Business overview
  • 2 Growth drivers
  • 3 Risks and perils
  • 4 Forecast and valuation

In this report

charts and schemes

analyzing various facets of Xiaomi's business

growth drivers

explained and dissected, along with 6 major risks facing the company

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