CHEN Yuheng, Co-founder of SenseTime, Shared the Company's Positioning and Belief, on EO Innovators Annual Conference
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Beijing, Nov 29, 2018 /EqualOcean/ - EO Innovators Annual Conference & the 4th Innovation Awards Ceremony was held by EqualOcean (亿欧国际) and sister website (亿欧公司) in China World Summit Wing.

In a panel discussion themed with “Cutting-edge Technologies & Intelligent Industries”, CHEN Yuheng (陈宇恒), co-founder and senior engineer of SenseTime (商汤科技) showed up and shared his thoughts on company positioning.

Panel Discussion
Panel Discussion of Cutting-edge Technologies & Intelligent Industries

“For SenseTime positioned as a platform, it is necessary to break the boundary between research labs and industries, to cooperate with more partners and establish systems that can be used in real industrial scenarios.” CHEN Yuheng said.

Furthermore, CHEN Yuheng shared the main business practices of SenseTime and thoughts about the future.

The following is the collection of highlights of CHEN’s speeches during the panel discussion:

GAO Xinin (高欣欣, moderator of the discussion, CEO of Jiangmen Capital): What industries do you believe will be better enhanced by technologies in the future?

CHEN Yuheng: SenseTime is now focusing on several products, the most important one is Computer Vision based Intelligent Security, as well as the Smart City; the second is about Smartphone and Intelligent Entertainment, including face identification, beauty camera, etc., which applications were provided to smartphone manufacturers.

As to the future, I mean in the next few years, SenseTime chose to believe in opportunities of AI-enhanced Education, which is also quite meaningful. So far, we had published several AI textbooks for middle school students, and also offered the experimental platform to try out the students’ new ideas.

GAO Xinxin: Where’s the boundary between technology platform and its partners? What should the platform do, and what should be for partners? How to accelerate industrial upgrade with the power of ecology?

CHEN Yuheng: Most of the time, AI algorithms trained in a lab with simulated data could not be easily applicable in the real production environment. Thus, as a platform, it is necessary to break the boundary between research labs and industries, to cooperate with more partners and establish systems that can be used in real industrial scenarios. Let me give you two examples:

Algorithms for applications like Face Identification and Beauty Camera should be deployed in the computing chips on smartphones manufactured by Oppo or Vivo, etc., and the persistent optimization of user experience needs the actual behavioral data from the users.

Participants in Intelligent Security includes system integrator companies, camera manufacturers, and algorithms companies like SenseTime. Different companies should work together to optimize the product, to better meet the needs of end-clients. For instance, the product should able to help the police to investigate, or to help people find their lost family members, etc.

The cooperation between the technological platforms and industries will undoubtedly generate actual values, however, the boundaries of trade secrets or private data should still exist.

Besides CHEN Yuheng of SenseTime, the other two participants of the panel discussion are WANG Tianmiao (王田苗), the Ph.D. supervisor in Beihang University (北京航天航空大学), and WANG Zhuoran (王卓然), the founder and CEO of (三角兽).

- Author: ZHANG Fan; Write to ZHANG Fan at

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