Xiaomi Publishes its Latest TV Products

Technology, Financials, Automotive Author: Zekun Wang Apr 23, 2019 05:39 PM (GMT+8)

On Apr 23, 2018, Xiaomi published its latest TV model, the Xiaomi Wall Painting TV.

Xiaomi's Wall Painting TV. Photo: Credit to Xiaomi

In the afternoon of Apr 23, 2019, Xiaomi TV held its conference for new products in Beijing. At the very beginning of the conference, Xiaomi officially published the business report of Xiaomi TV in 2018. LI Xiaoshuang (李肖爽), the president of the TV department of Xiaomi, said that in 2018, the global shipment of Xiaomi TV was 8.4 million, with a YOY growth rate of 225%, which ranks 3rd in China and was top 10 globally. In 2018 Q4 and 2019 Q1, the sales volume of Xiaomi TV ranks the 1st in China. Meanwhile, in 2019 Q1, 8 models of Xiaomi TV rank in the top 10 most popular TV model. According to Penguin Intelligence, when selecting the smart TV brands, Xiaomi is the choice for 41.8% of the customers.

In addition, Xiaomi also published the Xiaomi Wall Painting TV, which is the latest Xiaomi TV model. With a 13.9mm width and a planar designing of its back, the Xiaomi Wall Painting TV looks like a wall painting and could perfectly attach to the wall. The latest model uses a divided structure, the speaker, main board and power source are all integrated into the main engine, which is split from the screen. In this way, the Xiaomi Wall Painting TV has a planar design on both sides of the screen.

The Xiaomi Wall Painting TV uses a Samsung’s 65-inch 4K screen, with a beautiful aluminum alloy broader. The TV is as thin as a diameter of a coin. 45 painting masterpieces are added in the latest TV model by Xiaomi, and users could use the TV as a real wall painting. Xiaomi develops the MiPort cable to connect the TV and the main engine, which contains 30 cables inside and could achieve the 18Gbps HD signal transporting and 400W charging at the same time.

Xiaomi Wall Painting TV could work as the control center of the AIoT system. On the Xiaomi TV, users could simply control other IoT devices, and receive messages. Xiaomi also cooperates with Tencent cloud to publish the video communication function. With the Xiaomi Wall Painting TV, users could achieve video communication with friends at any time. With cooperation with Tencent Cloud, Xiaomi wants to build a platform that connects the mobile phone and smart TV.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi Wall Painting TV supports all of the Xiaoai’s function, the smart speaker of Xiaomi. The TV is equipped with the new voice technology which could be controlled in a far distance. Users do not need a remote control to achieve functions such as wake the Xiaoai up, films searching, IoT controlling, etc. Even the TV was in a sleep situation, it could be opened immediately with the voice code. According to the conference, the 65-inch Xiaomi Wall Painting TV sells with CNY 6999 and it will be open for pre-order at 18:00, Apr 23. At 10:00, Apr 28, 2019, the Xiaomi Wall Painting TV will be launched at the E-commerce platforms including Xiaomi Mall, Xiaomi family, and Xiaomi Youpin.