Shunliandongli Raises CNY 150 Mn in One Year

Consumer Staples Author: Fuller Wang Jul 14, 2021 06:04 PM (GMT+8)

The entertainment and social software provider is now planning for an IPO.

Social E-commerce

In July 2021, Shunliandongli, a social e-commerce platform, has raised a new round of financing. This is the third financing it has raised in one year, reaching a total amount of CNY 150 million, participants in which are exclusively made up of combo assets. According to the company, the round of funds will be mainly used for public listing, platform development and supply chain construction.

Founded in 2004, Shunliandongli accurately seized three Internet development opportunities including e-commerce, mobile terminal and live broadcast, and became a well-known entertainment and social software provider in China. The board of Shunliandongli has previously worked in Alibaba and other companies and has many years of experience in the field of e-commerce. At present, the company targets the entertainment social needs of the third- and fourth-tier residents with an S2B2C operating model, helping start businesses with no threshold, and introducing entertainment such as live broadcasting sales, promotional games and manor breeding. The company has accumulated 90 million users and more than 10 million cooperative shopkeepers.

According to the company, it is planning to split the live broadcast business and set up a separate app to enter the short video market. In addition, the team also plans to build an Internet celebrity national brand. We will continue to pay attention to the company's future development and listing plan.