China VC Investment List Q2 2022 – Healthcare

Healthcare Author: Mengyuan Jin Editor: Siren Chen Jul 06, 2022 09:58 AM (GMT+8)

This is the third in a seven-part series on China's VC investment in Q2 2022. This series features firms spanning seven industries, including automaking, healthcare, New Retail, intelligent hardware, smart manufacturing, enterprise services and emerging technologies.

China VC Investment List Q2 2022 – Healthcare

For healthcare, we at EqualOcean have identified 20 companies worth watching in Q2. The core criterion is to receive venture capital investments of over USD 30 million on average or the equivalent value in CNY in a single round. When compiling the list, we also considered factors such as growth prospects, brand influences and reputation, as well as planned expansions.

From SMEs about to make their mark in the market, to well-established companies that have already raised significant funds and are still seeking further capital injections, here's a list you won't want to miss. 


Dunen(Chinese: 盾恩医学) raised hundreds of millions of CNY of strategic investment from CICC Capital on April 22.

Established in 2017, the Hangzhou-based company is committed to providing guidance on clinical precision medicine.


Full-Life(Chinese: 辐联医药) completed its CNY 250 million Series A financing round on May 26, backed by investors including Sequoia Capital.

Founded in 2021, the Shanghai-based startup is an integrated radiotherapeutics company aiming to cover the entire industry chain from producing radioligand to R&D and commercialization.


Helixion(Chinese: 华深智药) harvested CNY 500 million on June 7 in its Series A financing round with GL Ventures among its backers.

Established in 2021, the Beijing-based startup provides AI solutions to protein-based therapeutics, devoted to building an AI-driven scientific computing platform and offering intelligent systems of microcosmic molecular computing, simulation and design for drug developers.


METiS Pharmaceuticals(Chinese: 剂泰医药)  netted USD 150 million in its Series B financing round on April 6. Its investors included Sequoia Capital China Seed Fund.

Founded in 2020, the Hangzhou-based startup is an AI-driven drug formulation development manufacturer.


Shuzhidao(Chinese: 术之道) secured hundreds of millions of CNY in its Series A financing round on April 29, backed by IDG Capital, Jiangsu Huatong, Jifeng Ventures and LYZZ Capital.

Launched in 2021, the Suzhou-based company is a surgical robot developer.


Starna Therapeutics(Chinese: 星锐医药)  netted CNY 150 million on May 16 in its Series A financing round backed by GL Ventures, LYFE Capital, Sherpa Healthcare Partners, Hony Capital, Source Code Capital, Primavera Venture Partners.

Launched in 2021, the Suzhou-based firm is committed to developing innovative drugs with RNA as the core.


Doma(Chinese: 多玛医药) received CNY 950 million in its Series A financing round on June 1 from CMB International, PICC Capital and China Life Private Equity Investment.

Launched in 2021, the Suzhou-based startup has a drug research and development pipeline that serves as an incubator of biotech innovation.



Calibra(Chinese: 凯莱谱) bagged CNY 220 million in its Series B+ financing round on May 5 with  Jiatai and Pucheng Investment, two subsidiary companies of CICC[JM1] , among its investors.

Founded in 2016, the Hangzhou-based company is a provider of precision medical testing technology with mass spectrometry applications as its core.


Lingfu(Chinese: 灵赋生物) completed its Pre-A financing round worth CNY 200 million on April 25, with Legend Capital and Puhua Capital among its investors.

Established in 2021, the Beijing-based startup provides experimental animals and animal models.


Mojia Biotech(Chinese: 摩珈生物) raised USD 80 million in its Series B financing round on June 23 from Temasek, Bits x Bites, LYZZ Capital, Sento Investment and Asia Green Fund.

Launched in 2021, the Shanghai-headquartered startup is a bio-manufacturing company that produces food ingredients and chemical materials with green innovation.


Elixir Clinical Research(Chinese: 圣方医药研发) completed its Series A financing round worth USD 52 million on April 22 with Sinovation Ventures among its backers.

Founded in 2019, the Shanghai-based company is the provider of clinical research solutions for pharmaceutical companies, helping bring new drugs to market quickly. 


Sinobioway(Chinese: 未名生物) netted CNY 2.9 billion of strategic investment from Qiangxin Capital on May 21.

Established in 1992, the Beijing-based company is a biopharmaceutical developer with businesses spanning biomedicine, bioagriculture, bioenergy, biological environmental protection, biological services and biological intelligence.


Therorna(Chinese: 圆因生物) secured CNY 280 million in its Series A financing round on June 21, backed by Tencent, Sherpa Healthcare Partners, Quan Capital, MSA Capital, Cenova Capital and 3H Health Investment.

Launched in 2021, the Beijing based-startup is a vaccine developer that focuses on applying circular RNA technology to innovative medicines and therapies.


NuProbe(Chinese: 阅尔基因)  closed its Series B financing round worth USD 50 million on June 2 with Sequoia Capital and a healthcare venture capital fund set up by CICC and AstraZeneca among its backers.

Starting in 2017, the Suzhou-based company is a genomics and molecular diagnostics company, providing genetic screening and diagnosis services.


Jiajian(Chinese: 嘉检医学) raised CNY 200 million in its Series B+ financing round on June 9 from investors including CICC.

Established in 2015, the Guangzhou-based firm is a medical testing platform for clinical genetic and oncology diagnostics to reduce the birth defect rate through applying genomic testing technology in clinical practice.


Evolyzer(Chinese: 衍微科技) completed its angle round worth CNY 50 million on June 6, backed by Sequoia Capital, Tsinghua Innovation Ventures, Frees Fund and Konyo.

Founded in 2022, the Beijing-based start-up is a synthetic biotechnology company committed to realizing the green biological manufacturing of special chemicals.


X-Magtech(Chinese: 未磁科技) announced on June 9 its CNY 100 million Series A financing round, backed by investors including IDG capital.

Launched in 2020, the Beijing-based start-up is a high-end medical equipment provider of biomagnetic imaging focusing on the measurement of weak magnetic fields.


Binhui Biopharm(Chinese: 滨会生物) harvested CNY 300 million on April 18 in its Series B+ financing round with DNV Capital and Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group among its backers.

Since its inception in 2010, the Wuhan-based firm has focused on oncolytic virus immuno-oncology.


Singlera Genomics(Chinese: 鹍远基因) netted CNY 300 million on June 8 in its Series B+ financing round with Uniforturne, Sansure Biotech among its investors.

Established in 2014, the Suzhou-based company focuses on the R&D and clinical application of next generation sequencing and molecular diagnostics. 


Reistone Biopharm(Chinese: 瑞石生物医药) completed its USD 100 million Series A round on May 9. Investors include Hanne Capital and Huagai Capital.

Founded in 2018, the Shanghai-based firm is a drugmaker for immuno-inflammatory diseases.