15 Chinese Companies to Watch in August 2022 – New Consumption

Consumer Staples Author: Yifei Liu Editor: Luke Sheehan Sep 01, 2022 10:32 AM (GMT+8)

Editor’s note: Here at EqualOcean we tracked the major funding rounds or industry events in China’s new consumption space for August. The following is a list of deals that we have selected for you based on a number of criteria, including the funding amount, the financial backer and the segments in which the companies operate.



Bona (Chinese: 博纳影业, 001330:SZ), a film and television content production company, successfully raised CNY 1.38 billion (USD 0.2 billion) from its IPO in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on August 18. Founded in 2003 in Xinjiang province, the firm’s business segments mainly include film and television production, film and television distribution, cinema investment, theater management, advertising and marketing. It’s also the first Chinese film and television content production company to be listed on NASDAQ in the U.S.


Suhuishou (Chinese: 速回收), a used cell phone digital recycling platform, received USD 500 million in a strategic investment undertaken by Shenzhen Defining The Future (Chinese: 深圳定义未来) on August 19. This investment round will strengthen the firm’s nationwide publicity and help Suhuishou to raise the brand buzz, enhance profitability and capture more market share.


Paper (Chinese: 澎湃新闻), a media platform focusing on current affairs and ideas, received on August 8 CNY 400 million in Series B funding undertaken by Shanghai Cultural Industry Development Investment Funding. Founded in 2012 in Shanghai, the firm aims to provide users with high-quality current affairs content which mainly revolves around politics, with fresh current affairs news and ideological analysis, as well as experts’ remarks columns for rational discussion and debate.

Yuanfei Pet

Yuanfei Pet (Chinese: 源飞宠物, 001222:SZ), a pet toy manufacturer, successfully raised CNY 468 million from its IPO in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on August 18. Founded in 2004 in Zhejiang province, the company is mainly engaged in pet toys, leather and plastic products, pet supplies, pet food production, sales and other services, its products include dog chews, dog leashes, pet bowls, etc.

Linmon Pictures

Linmon Pictures (Chinese: 柠萌影业), a video production service provider, raised USD 53.86 million from its IPO in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on August 10. Founded in 2014 in Shanghai, the firm’s primary business is the production of film and television dramas and network programs, and it’s also involved in marketing and distribution services. The company is committed to presenting high-quality entertainment content to viewers. 


Fushoukang (Chinese: 福寿康), a home rehabilitation care chain developer, completed its Series C funding round of hundreds of millions of CNY on August 16. The investment was led by Tencent Investment, and Taihecap (Chinese: 泰合资本) acted as the exclusive financial advisor. This round of financing will be used to construct Fushoukang's innovative medical and digital healthcare system and national-scale expansion. Founded in 2011 in Shanghai, the firm provides quality and convenient community-based home medical, nursing and rehabilitation services.

Guotai liquor industry

Guotai liquor industry (Chinese: 国台酒业), a brand of white wine, closed a Series D funding round of hundreds of millions of CNY on August 1. This round of financing was led by Dayone Capital (Chinese: 日初资本). Founded in 2004 in Guizhou province, the company is located in the core production area of Maotai Town and has four production bases. 

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EasyYa (Chinese: 易芽), a cross-border virtual factory B2B platform, netted hundreds of millions of CNY in its Series B financing round led by GTFTG (Chinse: 广心集团) and Toteco (Chinese: 外贸开发) on August 2. Founded in 2020 in Guangdong province, the platform focuses on supply chain integration and technological innovation, with the core of developing boutique products for cross-border e-commerce sellers based on extensive data selection capabilities.


Dongchi (Chinese: 咚吃), a subscription-based weight management brand, bagged tens of millions of CNY in its Series A++ financing round led by PV Capital (Chinese: 普维资本) on August 23. This financing round will be used for brand investment, product development and supply chain optimization. Founded in 2017 in Guangdong province, Dongchi mainly focuses on the weight management crowd to provide packaged weight loss solutions. Currently, the number of users of the Dongchi service has reached more than 300 thousand.


The acquisition of Missfresh’s (Chinese: 每日优鲜) convenience shopping business by Daily Convenience (Chinese: 每日便利) for CNY 30 million was completed on August 23. Founded in 2014, Missfresh is an e-commerce platform for fresh food delivery, its convenience shopping business is an office unmanned retail counter operator.


AHHM (Chinese: 安徽黑米), a new retail technology service provider, received CNY 80 million in an angel funding round on August 16. Founded in 2018 in Anhui province, the firm is committed to providing users with unmanned retail scene solutions. It provides a series of products based on the Internet, such as unmanned vending, wireless charging, shared stroller, environmental protection bag dispenser, etc.


MXX (Chinese: 莫小仙), a self-heating hot pot brand, raised tens of millions of CNY in its Series B+ financing round from Asia Food Found on August 5. PhoenixTree Capital (Chinese: 青桐资本) acted as the long-term exclusive financial advisor. Founded in 2012 in Shanghai, the firm mainly provides users with self-heating hot pot products through a combination of online and offline sales models. The next step for MXX is to deploy overseas markets and penetrate deeper into the sink market.


YCBH (Chinese: 一唱百和), a shared Karaoke equipment developer, secured CNY 30 million in its pre-Series A funding round on August 22, with the investment being led by Baiying Capital (Chinese: 佰盈资本). This round of financing is mainly used to invest in the R&D of intelligent devices and expand production construction. Founded in 2022, YCBH focuses on creating a new and more convenient entertainment experience for users.


JPTS (Chinese: 金普图书), an Internet book-selling platform, completed its Series A funding round of CNY 26 million on August 19. The investment was led by SMIT Group (Chinese: 国微集团). This round of financing will be used to open a physical bookstore, marketing and branding. Founded in 2010, the company started from Internet book sales, covering all major e-commerce platforms, and is also involved in the book publishing business. It will invest in physical bookstore operations soon.


Cleadeep (Chinese: 澄一科技), a net smoker developer, closed a strategic investment from Xiaomi Group on August 18. Founded in 2018 in Guangdong province, the company mainly engages in the research and development, production and sales of open kitchen appliances.