20 Chinese Companies to Watch in Q4 2022 – Technology

Technology Author: Yongqian Yang Jan 06, 2023 02:34 PM (GMT+8)

Editor's note: We at EqualOcean tracked the major funding rounds or industry events that took place in China’s tech space in Q4 2022. The following is a list of deals that we have selected for you, based on a number of criteria, including the funding amount, the financial backers, the activity level and the segments in which the startups operate.


1. Dalezhuang

Dalezhuang (Chinese: 大乐装), a one-stop delivery platform for prefabricated buildings, completed the B-round financing of nearly CNY 100 million. This round of financing was led by 58 Shenqi Capital (Chinese: 58神骐资本), followed by Eastern bell Capital (Chinese: 钟鼎资本) and several industrial capitals. The funds will be used for supply chain construction and software development.

Dalezhuang was founded in July 2020, and previously completed the Angel round, Angel + round and Pre-A round of financing in August, September 2020 and August 2021 respectively. It is an industrial Internet company dedicated to "driving the industrialization of the construction industry with digitalization." In addition to laying out several component collaborative production factories in the Greater Bay Area, it also opens up the whole chain from prefabricated building design to production through the digital product matrix of cloud collaboration.


HAAWKING(Chinese: 中科昊芯), the digital signal processor supplier, announced that it has completed the A+ round of financing of nearly CNY 100 million, led by Skyworth Investment (Chinese: 创维投资). The existing shareholders Sequoia Capital China (Chinese: 红杉中国) and Jiuhe Venture Capital (Chinese: 九合创投) continued to raise their stakes, while strategic institutions such as Jinlong Technologies (Chinese: 锦浪科技) and Huajin Capital (Chinese: 华金资本) joined in. This round of financing will be mainly used for the production and stocking of Haoxin HX2000 series DSP chips and investment in continuous research and development.

Founded in 2019, HAAWKING’s founding team was born out of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Since 2016, it has been investing in the research of RISC-V processors, mainly based on RISC -V instruction set architecture, focusing on the R&D of proprietary digital signal processors (DSP), which can be widely used in new energy vehicles, energy storage and photovoltaics, white goods, digital power supplies and other markets.


ECARX (Chinese: 亿咖通科技) has entered into an agreement with SPDB International (Hong Kong) Limited (Chinese: 浦银国际) and CNCB (Hong Kong) Investment Limited (Chinese: 信银投资) for USD 65 million (approximately CNY 470 million) Convertible Note financing due by 2025 before its planned business combination with COVA Acquisition Corp.

Founded in 2017, ECARX develops hardware and software solutions that are essential for the development of connected, automated and electrified mobility including infotainment head units (IHU), digital cockpits, vehicle chip-set solutions, a core operating system and integrated software stack.

4. Fande Technology

Fande Technology (Chinese: 凡得科技) raised CNY tens of millions of funding in an angel round led by Sinovation Ventures (Chinese: 创新工场), followed by Xingong (Chinese: 信公股份) and TusStar (Chinese: 启迪之星). The funds will be used to continue to improve products and build a market and technology ecosystem. 

Fande Technology was established in July 2021. The core product is ProcessX, a process mining platform that builds VIA (Visualization-Insight-Action) architecture and adapts to multiple OA (Office Automation), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and mainstream data business systems. The company focuses on enterprise business, relying on process mining algorithms, through process visualization and process analysis, to help enterprises on decision making and digital transformation.

5. MyMRO

MyMRO (Chinese: 固安捷) completed CNY hundreds of millions of B+ rounds of financing. Investors in this round include Huiyin Aofeng (Chinese: 汇垠澳丰), Dayang Electric (Chinese: 大洋电机), Kejin Holdings (Chinese: 科金控股), Deyue Capital (Chinese: 德岳资本), Hongtai Fund (Chinese: 洪泰基金), Nanwang Enchuang (Chinese: 南网能创).

MyMRO was established in Illinois, USA in 1927 and entered the Chinese market in 2006. It works to connect with customers through digital tools such as API, Punch-out, and enterprise version, so that the customer's procurement process is online and systematized; in response to customers' individual needs for material requisition, unmanned warehouses, smart requisition cabinets and other solutions are implemented, to promote customers to achieve transparent management and convenient use of the entire procurement cycle.

6. Humi 

Chongqing Humi Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Chinese: 重庆忽米网络科技有限公司) has completed a new round of financing and delivery procedures. So far, Humi has received CNY hundreds of millions of investments in total, and investors include more than 10 well-known investment institutions such as CCB Equity (Chinese: 建信股权), Fortune Venture Capital (Chinese: 达晨创投), and NewMargin Ventures (Chinese: 联创资本).

Founded in 2017, Humi is committed to providing digital platforms and solutions for Chinese manufacturing companies, using big data intelligent innovation technology to eliminate the "digital divide" of Chinese manufacturing companies, and helping companies achieve transformation and upgrading. It is the first national cross-industry and cross-field industrial Internet platform in the midwest, and it is at the head of the industry.

7. KM Soft

KM Soft (Chinese: 开目软件), an intelligent manufacturing software product and system solution provider, officially announced the completion of nearly CNY 200 million in strategic financing. This round of financing was led by SDIC Venture Capital (Chinese: 国投创业), with participation from CMB International Capital. (Chinese: 招银国际资本) and Inovance Investment (Chinese: 汇川产投).

Founded in 1996, it is a professional software service provider for integrated solutions for intelligent manufacturing in China. Kaimu adheres to the brand positioning of "software innovation and manufacturing” and uses industrial software as a carrier to provide enterprises with overall solutions for product innovation digitalization, process intelligence, R&D and manufacturing integration, and operation management informationization.

8. PaXini Tech

PaXini Tech (Chinese: 帕西尼感知科技), which focuses on the development and application of tactile perception, has completed CNY tens of millions in Pre-A round of financing. This round was led by QF Capital (Chinese: 啟赋资本), followed by Haofan Venture Capital (Chinese: 浩方创投).

PaXini Tech was established in 2021 and has received angel round financing from MiraclePlus (奇绩创坛) founded by Lu Qi. The core business of PaXini is the application of tactile digital sensor technology, and the company also involves in adaptive robots. At present, the company has launched a variety of industrial-grade tactile sensors.

9. Dayou

Metaverse open platform Dayou (Chinese: 大有) completed a new round of financing of CNY tens of millions. Previously, Dayou has secured CNY tens of millions in seed rounds and angel rounds of financing, invested by the co-founders of Xiaomi (Chinese: 小米). In this round of financing, new investors joined the lineup, and Xiaomi co-founders all increased their stakes.

Founded in July 2021, Dayou is positioned as a metaverse digital space service provider, creating metaverse scene spaces and various application scenarios for individuals and corporate brands.

10. Tanze 

The security Tanze (Chinese: 碳泽) has completed the A round of financing totaling CNY tens of millions. This round is led by Everest Venture Capital (Chinese: 朗玛峰资本), followed by LH Ventures (Chinese: 领航新界资本). After this round of financing, the company will continue to carry out product polishing and market expansion. 

Tanze was established in 2017, focusing on the field of security operations, and is committed to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of security operations in an automated manner. Currently, the company's products include Qiancheng Security Orchestration Automated Response Platform (SOAR), Qianxiao Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM), Yuheng Vulnerability Risk Management System and Yaoguang Automated Penetration Testing System.


11. Stardust

Stardust (Chinese: 星尘数据) has completed the A round of financing of CNY 50 million. This round of financing was led by Meridian Capital (Chinese: 华映资本) and followed by Houtian Capital (Chinese: 厚天资本) and Ruixia Capital (Chinese: 瑞夏资本). The financing will be used for end-to-end data closed-loop system research and development, business development and supplier cooperation.

Stardust is a SaaS company that provides data annotation services and AI data console systems. It provides services for global artificial intelligence enterprises and high-quality training data for computer vision, speech recognition and NLP tasks. We focus on the industry-leading AI data center system to achieve data production, data management, model training, model deployment and other links in the life cycle of the model.

12. Hengyuan Technology

Hengyuan Technology (Chinese: 恒远科技) has received CNY 100 million in Series B financing. It was jointly invested by five institutions including Addor Capital, Yantai Guofeng Investment Holding Group (Chinese: 烟台国丰投资控股集团), and Yantai Yeda Economic Development Group (Chinese: 烟台业达经济发展集团).

Hengyuan was established in 2016 and is headquartered in Yantai, Shandong. At first, the company mainly provided digital transformation consulting services for industrial manufacturing enterprises. With the accumulation of experience in the field of industrial digitalization, Hengyuan chose to enter the field of digital transformation of the equipment manufacturing industry, providing overall solution for manufacturing operations management (MOM platform) and the IoT solution based on data collection. 

13. Zhenrong Technology

Zhenrong Technology (Chinese: 臻融科技) completed the A round of financing exclusively invested by Huaqiang Capital (Chinese: 华强资本). This round of financing will be mainly used for the R&D of core products, business promotion in industries such as automobiles and industrial Internet of Things, and team building.

Zhenrong Technology is a software-innovative national high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D of domestic middleware. Possessing several core technologies and middleware products with complete intellectual property rights, Zhenrong Technology is at the domestic leading level in the technical fields of network computing, middleware platform, and cloud-edge-device integration.


HUAUN(Chinese: 华云安) completed the B-round financing of CNY tens of millions. This round of financing was led by Yi Capital (Chinese: 执一资本), followed by Lingfeng Capital (Chinese: 领沨资本), Weizhi Shuke (Chinese: 微智数科), Guojun Jingtai (Chinese: 国君景泰). This round of financing will be used to accelerate the construction of attack surface management (ASM) + intrusion and attack simulation (BAS) product system.

HUAUN started by focusing on vulnerability management and intelligent offensive and defensive penetration products. Through continuous improvement of the product matrix, it was upgraded to ASM enterprise.

15. UNRE

UNRE (Chinese: 盎锐科技) has completed the A round of financing of CNY tens of millions. This round of financing was led by Albatross Venture (Chinese: 信天创投) and followed by industrial investors. Funds raised are mainly used for technology R&D.

Anrui Technology was established in 2017, focusing on the R&D of software and hardware products for the digitization of architectural space. It is a company that uses 3D intelligent vision, IoT, AI, 5G/Beidou, cloud computing, big data and other technologies to build informatization and intelligence in the construction industry.

16. Changkun Technology

Changkun Technology (Chinese: 长焜科技) completed CNY 20 million round A financing, invested by Lingdu Capital.

Changkun Technology was established in 2019, a wireless technology platform dedicated to the construction of 4G/5G wireless R&D platforms. It has built a mature self-developed commercial wireless technology platform, including base station platform based on NXP ARM+SoC, core network platform based on NFV technology, and terminal platform based on commercial modules.

17. LiToSim

LiToSim (Chinese: 励颐拓) completed the strategic round of financing, invested by BYD company. The funds will be mainly used to enrich R&D capabilities, strengthen the independent simulation engine, and accelerate product development and promotion.

LiToSim was established in July 2018, and is committed to developing fully independent and controllable industrial simulation software (CAE software) with international advanced level, which is used in the fields of machinery, aerospace, transportation, electronics and energy. It provides users with a full range of services including overall solutions, customized development, and professional technical consulting.

18. Yun Live

Yun Live (Chinese: 云现场) announced that it has obtained a strategic investment from the listed company Meitu (Chinese: 美图). At the same time, Wu Xinhong, the founder and CEO of Meitu, will serve as the director of Yun Live. Yun Live is a cloud live platform that provides high-quality conference content. In addition to online events and Metaverse events, Yun Live also provides services including photo live broadcast, video live broadcast, and cloud connection for offline events.

19. Qiaoyi Zhizao

Qiaoyi Zhizao (Chinese: 樵弋智造) has completed CNY tens of millions in Series A financing, led by Zoo Capital (Chinese: 万物资本). Funds will mainly be used for technology R&D, product iteration and market expansion.

Founded in July 2020, Qiaoyi Zhizao is an AI industrial defect detection platform, which creates intelligent tools for industry, and uses cutting-edge technologies such as deep learning and machine vision to provide intelligent and reliable solutions for industrial product defect detection.

20. Xianlong Technology

 Xianlong Technology (Chinese: 现龙科技) completed angel round financing of CNY 5 million, invested by Beijing Green Lake Original Innovation No. 2 Venture Capital Fund (Chinese: 北京翠湖原始创新二号创业投资基金). This round of financing will be mainly used for new product development, market development and sales channels, and team expansion.

Founded at the end of 2020, Xianlong Technology focuses on the R&D and sales of 3D measurement and inspection products, as well as machine vision, artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing solutions, which can be widely used in consumer electronics, auto parts processing, semiconductor production and other fields.