EqualOcean to host ESG2023 in Shenzhen in June

Technology, Industrials Author: EqualOcean News Apr 03, 2023 12:53 PM (GMT+8)

Chinese businesses and entrepreneurs face a historic opportunity and a mission to showcase a positive image on the global stage amid significant changes in both international and domestic affairs. Against this backdrop, the second EqualOcean Summit for Globalization (ESG2023) will take place in Shenzhen on June 1-2, 2023, with the theme of "Overflowing from China, Integrating Locally."


The summit will focus on third-generation global entrepreneurial innovators and provide a high-level platform for communication and interaction in the direction of globalizing.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, over 400 industry leaders gathered in Shanghai on November 8, 2022, for ESG2022, achieving the highest commercial standard and the largest scale of a globalization summit in 2022. Diplomatic envoys from various countries, top VC firms' partners, and over 100 founders and core executives from leading companies and star startups in the field of going global/globalizing also attended the summit.


The EqualOcean Summit for Globalization (ESG) takes "Globalization" as the keyword and explores the art, philosophy, and trend of creating a global company. It focuses on strategic, branding, technological, capital, localization, cultural, and management topics. The summit advocates for global companies to actively establish a healthy and sustainable business model based on pursuing profits, emphasizing branding and technology, respecting local culture, and identifying with environmental protection, fairness, and diversity concepts.

EqualOcean has visited dozens of countries since December 2022, accumulating updated and deeper understanding of "globalization." ESG2023 will build on the success of ESG2022 and feature a leadership forum, six sub-forums, and over 3,000 attendees. The summit will invite leaders from several companies and institutions, including Anker Innovations, Transsion Holdings, DJI, Insta360, Geek+, SwitchBot, IDG, Gaorong Capital, Frees Fund and diplomats from Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Brazil, the Netherlands, Hungary, and other countries.


ESG2023 will also release several reports and rankings, including the "2023 China Robot Industry GoGlobal Report," the "2023 China New Energy GoGlobal Report," and the "2023 Top Service Provider for GoGlobal Report" and "Top 50 Rankings." It will collaborate with relevant institutions to release the "2023 GoGlobal to Southeast Asia Report," the "2023 GoGlobal to the United States Report," and the "2023 GoGlobal to the Middle East Report."

EqualOcean is committed to serving Chinese companies and entrepreneurs in achieving global success, and it has recently led the formation of the "GoGlobal Committee of 100 (GGC100)", The global market requires Chinese enterprises and entrepreneurs to work together towards a common goal, and EqualOcean seeks to gather the most critical forces in the direction of going global.

To attend ESG2023, interested parties can click the registration link and fill in personal information. For those seeking business cooperation, the ESG2023 introduction manual is available.