Consumer Trends in Vietnam's TikTok Shop:Clothing Sales

Consumer Staples Author: EqualOcean News, ChenZhiheng、JiangShan Apr 12, 2024 02:20 PM (GMT+8)

As per Echotik's data, during March 2024, the leading categories driving sales on TikTok Shop in Vietnam were "wellness and aesthetics," "feminine attire," and "masculine attire," collectively commanding 52.99% of the market share.

Simultaneously, emerging categories such as "well-being" and "fashion embellishments" debuted on the sales roster, capturing 3.67% and 3.19% of the market, respectively.

Specifically, the "well-being" category garnered approximately VND 253.17 billion in total sales, with a sales volume of 437.8 thousand units, encompassing 1.3 thousand items, and boasting an average unit price of approximately VND 536.4 thousand.

Vietnam's scorching summer climate prompts heightened demand for sundresses, and tops, alongside essential accessories like invisible bras and bra patches among women. Within the Vietnamese fashion market, best-selling women's attire and undergarments are priced within the range of US$5-9 per patron. These styles prioritize simplicity and versatility, adhering to a palette of pure hues to cater to the broad preferences of the female demographic.

In the men's fashion domain, short-sleeved POLO shirts paired with tapered casual trousers have emerged as a favored ensemble for both professional and casual wear, particularly during the sweltering summer months. Furthermore, coordinated sets comprising sporty T-shirts and knee-length sweatpants offer a blend of simplicity and trendiness, furnishing male consumers with convenient styling solutions devoid of sartorial concerns.

Securing a foothold in the Vietnamese market hinges on seamless product integration tailored to local sensibilities, augmented by leveraging the influence of indigenous Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). Given TikTok's primary identity as a short-form video-sharing platform, user propensity towards commerce remains relatively subdued. Thus, fostering user engagement and igniting purchase intent necessitates a strategic focus on product design, entwining prevailing trends and distinctive attributes to resonate with consumers.