Automotive Feb 03, 2021 04:58 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On February 3, SAIC intelligent control released the mass production oriented automatic driving computing platform "intelligent vehicle basic brain (ivbb, Intelligent vehicle base brain "version 1.0, including icvos, icvhw and icvec, has the characteristics of rapid application development, platform, network connection, scalability and vehicle specification. Through a set of platform based software and hardware products, ivbb can help car enterprises to efficiently customize development, reduce the difficulty and cost of automatic driving development, and improve the quality and efficiency of development. Ivbb has three intelligent vehicle domain controllers (icvhw), and its intelligent networked vehicle operating system (icvos) adopts hierarchical decoupling and modular design architecture, including system software and functional software. It decouples icvos from hardware in the lower layer, supports different chips and hardware platforms, supports computing expansion, and widely adapts to the mainstream industry and domestic independent chips; it also realizes icvos and stress control in the upper layer With decoupling, it provides component-based development based on data flow engine and pluggable algorithm engine, and supports custom and extensible development of more than 40 kinds of autopilot functions and specific scene applications. Ivvb1.0 supports cloud and edge deployment, and realizes the collaborative twin of vehicle cloud computing. Ivbb achieves a large number of reliable redundant design, large-scale automatic simulation test and real vehicle test, and has passed a variety of industry authority certification to meet the requirements of vehicle specification level.