Jun 30, 2021 12:39 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
In the first half of 2021, Shanghai stock exchange companies and relevant shareholders, based on their confidence in sustainable and stable development in the future, actively carried out buyback and holdings increase. A total of 81 companies have issued repurchase plans or implemented repurchase plans. Among them, 21 companies have disclosed the plan, 42 are in the process of implementation, and 18 companies have completed the buyback so far, and the accumulated buyback amount has exceeded 8.8 billion yuan. Baosteel Co., Ltd., Guodian Power Co., Ltd. and Haier Zhijia Co., Ltd., as the leading companies in the iron and steel, electric power and intelligent manufacturing industries, have actively implemented buyback, and the buyback amount has exceeded 500 million yuan. More than 40 companies disclosed the relevant announcement of increasing holdings. For example, the controlling shareholder of whirlpool has increased its holding of more than 20 million shares since May, accounting for about 2.67% of the total share capital of the listed company; Dong Jiangao of construction machinery increased 410900 shares of the company by nearly 5 million yuan. Seven companies on the science and technology innovation board have also announced repurchase plans, and the total repurchase amount is expected to reach 697.5 million yuan.
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