Consumer Staples Jul 15, 2021 09:50 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On July 15, Xianwei grandfather, a new sharp Chaoshan flavor food company, announced the completion of the 60 million round of pre-A financing, which was led by source capital and followed by hillhood venture capital. He is the exclusive financial consultant of Qiqiu capital. Xianwei grandfather said that the funds will be used for product development, supply chain improvement and talent system construction. With the upgrading of the national consumption level, the taste of consumers is changing from the original heavy salt and spicy to the high-grade taste mainly fresh. This is the characteristic of Chaoshan cuisine since ancient times. Xianwei grandfather, focusing on Chaoshan flavor food, was founded in September 2020, originated in Chaozhou, focusing on the development and promotion of Chaoshan flavor food. The vision is to occupy the user's mind with "fresh", and gradually pass on the spiritual core of the brand "Chaoshan essence, extreme delicious, sufficient quality and high taste" to users through food. Founder & CEO Chen Xiang said: "the team will first cut into the market from compound seasonings, and will also develop in the direction of prefabricated dishes in the future. We hope to present the extremely delicious Chaoshan flavor to the users completely through fresh and diverse food materials, combined with Chaoshan's ancient technology." As a leading investor in this round of financing, she Yangjie, director of source capital, said: "Chaoshan flavor has the characteristics of delicious, multi-level and rich taste, which can form a unique memory point in the hearts of consumers. Due to the past supply chain maturity, logistics level and team ability model and other reasons, a large number of Chaoshan delicacies are not out of Chaoshan. Xianwei grandfather has high requirements for products, starting from compound condiments, and gradually expanding to leisure snacks, meals, prefabricated vegetables and other categories.