Healthcare Jul 20, 2021 10:19 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On July 20, Xinsu technology announced that it had completed tens of millions of Yuan Angel round financing, led by Fengrui capital and followed by Jiacheng capital. We are committed to design and manufacture silicon and microfluidic chips, and develop a new generation of DNA synthesis technology, which will greatly reduce the cost of long strand DNA synthesis to meet the needs of the rapid development of synthetic biology and DNA storage. At the same time, using the same technology platform, Xinsu technology is also developing a digital immune detection system with 2-3 orders of magnitude higher sensitivity than traditional detection methods to meet the requirements of clinical and life science research on the detection of low abundance protein markers. Semiconductor technology, which has been "stuck" in China for 50 years, has changed all aspects of human medical and biotechnology. Since Medtronic developed the first portable pacemaker based on transistor, all kinds of implanted devices follow the development of semiconductor technology, with smaller volume, stronger function and less trauma. Now, semiconductor technology continues to develop according to Moore's law, and the top-down transistor size has been reduced to several nanometers, which is similar to biological molecules such as DNA and protein. In the future, the intersection of semiconductor technology and biotechnology will spawn a trillion dollar market. At the same time, immunoassay is developing rapidly and proteomics is in the ascendant. Clinical diagnosis and scientific research have put forward higher requirements for the sensitivity of immunoassay, such as increasing ELISA by 1000 times. Single molecule detection of protein is an important and huge application direction.