Automotive Sep 29, 2021 07:10 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On September 29, smart hybrid SUV Macchiato was officially launched. The whole new car series has launched three models, with a price range of 145800 ~ 159800 yuan. Macchiato is the first mass production model of Wei brand equipped with intelligent hybrid DHT and coffee intelligence. The new car is equipped with Qualcomm's latest 8155 on-board chip ­ Based on this, Macchiato's 14.6-inch central control screen and 9.2-inch digital instrument can realize linkage. In addition, the new car also has 27 intelligent driving assistance functions, such as integrated parking, tracking reversing, remote parking, transparent chassis, ACC full speed adaptive cruise, Lck lane centering and so on. In terms of quietness, the new car has optimized more than 10 functions, such as engine high-precision valve train, mute chain, intake and exhaust high silencing structure design, etc. The new car adopts the two gear DHT technology pioneered by Great Wall in the world, which can realize EV driving, hybrid drive, series drive, energy recovery, idle shutdown and other working modes, and balance the power and fuel consumption in different scenarios through intelligent switching. Compared with conventional models, the fuel consumption in urban working conditions can be reduced by up to 50%, that in high-speed working conditions can be reduced by up to 15%, and that in high-speed and heavy load working conditions can be reduced by up to 25%. Macchiato HEV is equipped with a "1.5L + DHT" powertrain. The total power of the system is 140kW, the total torque is 370n • m, the acceleration time of 0-60km / h is only 4.1 seconds, and has a endurance of 1100km and fuel consumption of 4.7l/100km. In the future, Macchiato will also launch PHEV models to meet the needs of different consumers.
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