Consumer Staples, Financials Oct 18, 2021 01:06 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Financial Associated Press, October 18 - A-share listed banks are about to usher in a "quarterly test" of performance. From October 20 to the end of the month, 42 A-share listed banks will release three quarterly reports. Among them, Ping An Bank, Bank of Hangzhou and Changshu bank will be the first to release. Recently, the real estate risk rebounded, and the impact of real estate financial credit risk on the quality of bank assets has been highly concerned by the market. However, institutional analysts believe that the credit risk of the banking industry is still controllable, and the asset quality maintains an improvement trend. "The risk in the real estate field has attracted close attention from the regulators, the collateral of listed banks is sufficient, and the probability of systemic risk is low." at the same time, institutions generally predict that the operation of the banking industry will continue to maintain a good momentum, and structural optimization will give room for interest margin improvement, Behind the quarterly improvement of revenue, "there is not only the base effect, but also the combined effect of interest margin stabilization, continuous contribution to medium income and the disappearance of negative disturbance of investment income". Near the release time of the bank's third quarterly report, the "ballast" value and allocation opportunities of low volatility bank assets in the fourth quarter were raised by many institutions.