Healthcare Nov 29, 2021 09:58 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
EU billion health on November 29, yesterday, the "seminar on the Internet helping the high-quality development of public hospitals and the 2021 China Hospital Internet influence ranking conference" was held online. At the meeting, the health industry development research center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences jointly released the 2021 ranking list of Internet influence of Chinese hospitals online, which was released for the sixth consecutive year. Based on the real doctor-patient behavior data of the mainstream internet medical platform "good doctor online" in the past 15 years, the health industry development research center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences conducted big data analysis on 64.49 billion patient browsing tracks, 74.09 million patients' Internet medical service records, 680 million doctor-patient exchanges, and 5.269 million patients' online evaluations after treatment in the hospital, The comprehensive ranking of online and offline medical treatment choices of patients in 30 specialty fields in 2021 is obtained. In 2021, 127 hospitals in 17 provinces and 21 cities were listed, including 34, 25 and 15 hospitals in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou respectively. In terms of the number of departments on the list, Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, General Hospital of the Chinese people's Liberation Army and Xijing hospital rank among the top three; From the perspective of internet medical service satisfaction, Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University and the first hospital of Peking University ranked among the top three. The study found that the depth of internet medical services is expanding, and patients' satisfaction with online medical services has been improved. Hospitals that actively use the Internet to broaden the breadth and depth of services can obtain the trust of more patients, and the discipline construction and hospital brand influence have been continuously improved.