Jan 21, 2022 04:09 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
With the intensive implementation of policy dividends, the drum for the development of the third pillar of pension is gradually tightening, which also puts forward new requirements for insurance institutions to participate in the construction of the third pillar. Looking at the current commercial pension products in the insurance market, the annuity insurance with limited payment occupies the mainstream in the market with relatively stable income and flexible payment. In addition to the traditional annuity insurance, in recent years, the policy has continued to standardize and promote the development of endowment insurance, and encouraged insurance enterprises to launch more insurance with higher security attributes, including the pilot of individual tax deferred endowment insurance and the pilot of exclusive commercial endowment insurance. Insiders said that from the personal level, because people rely too much on the protection of social basic old-age insurance, the initiative of formulating old-age planning is generally not high, and policy support and consumer education still need to further supplement the "short board". From the perspective of insurance institutions, we should further develop all kinds of policy supported and commercial old-age insurance products.