Automotive Jan 24, 2022 05:09 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On January 24, Dida travel, together with nearly 50 media such as Beijing collaborators' social work development center, China Communications News and science and technology daily, today released a joint proposal for a happy Chinese year on a safe travel road, calling on the public not to travel unnecessarily and to be safe and orderly when necessary. Strict self-protection to celebrate a healthy, low-carbon and warm Chinese year. The joint proposal has been linked by the National Party and government media, traffic radio, financial science and technology media and local mainstream people's livelihood media. Specifically include: China Communications daily, science and technology daily, Xinhuanet,, China industry and economy information network, China finance and economics, China business daily, China business daily, China road transportation network, Sichuan communications radio, Anhui communications radio, Shandong Communications Radio, Hefei communications radio, yiou, 36 krypton, tiger smell, venture state, financial circles, a little information, headlines, express network DoNews, techweb, South +, cover news, upstream news, Jiangsu worker's daily, Jiangsu Economic Daily, Yangtze Evening News, Sanqin Metropolis Daily, Wenzhou Metropolis Daily, Shandong business daily, Straits guide, Qingdao financial daily, Sichuan news network, Europe China United times, people's transportation magazine, new transportation, shenran Finance, leopard transformation, Yidian finance, zinc finance, firewood cutting network Auto business review, auto industry and economic network, pinorange tourism,, chelizi, travel finance. In the face of the multi-point spread of the epidemic situation in various places, tick travel once again calls on the majority of users to timely understand the epidemic situation and the latest epidemic prevention policies in various places. If necessary, travel must strictly abide by the epidemic prevention rules in various places and do a good job in health protection.