Automotive Jan 25, 2022 08:49 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
CITIC Securities research report pointed out that the release of the comprehensive work plan for energy conservation and emission reduction in the 14th five year plan ushered in the optimization of the dual energy control policy, strengthened the intensity constraints and increased the flexible management of the total amount. It proposed that the regions with reduced energy intensity and meeting the incentive objectives issued by the state should be exempted from the assessment of the total energy consumption in the current period, and the new renewable energy power consumption should not be included in the assessment of the total energy consumption in the local area, It will help to enhance the consumption demand of new energy after large-scale Internet access and obtain the green power premium. Recommend China nuclear power, Three Gorges energy, China Resources Power (H), Longyuan Power (H), Huaneng International (A & H), Huaneng hydropower, Sichuan investment energy, SDIC power, China Power (H), Jidian, etc.
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