Technology Apr 26, 2022 06:21 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Computer graphics engine technology provider grainjie (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "grainjie technology") announced the completion of tens of millions of dollars of B + round financing. This round of financing is jointly led by bv Baidu venture capital, CCB trust and longmafeng venture capital, and followed by the old shareholder Gaoling venture capital. The fund will be mainly used to further improve the end cloud interaction and experience of the third generation graphics engine, and accelerate the commercialization and application ecological layout. This financing is also the fourth round of financing completed by granular technology since 2021. Previously, investors include head capital, Internet manufacturers, financial trusts, hardware giants, real estate companies, etc., reflecting the market's recognition of granular technology and product capabilities. In the development process of graphics engine, the emergence of each generation of graphics engine is accompanied by the demand jump of end consumers brought by the update iteration of hardware devices. In the wave of metauniverse and full truth Internet, VR, XR and other devices are developing rapidly. Compared with the previous two generations of graphics engines represented by unreal and unity 3D, the application requirements of the third generation of graphics engine are scattered in different fields, and the hardware difference is greater than the previous two generations, making its design more difficult. Realizing the end cloud joint computing that flexibly balances the local and cloud computing power is the best underlying technical scheme of the third generation of graphics engine. As a provider of computer graphics engine technology, granular technology has been laying out the third generation of graphics engine since five years ago, and has become the world's first graphics engine company with end cloud dual engine architecture.