Consumer Staples, Consumer Discretionary May 17, 2022 03:10 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Online dramas and online movies officially ended the era of "online filing number" and ushered in the era of "license". It is reported that the background of the online drama distribution license is vermilion, which is just the opposite to the "dragon logo" background color of the green bottom faucet. The title of the newly added "online drama distribution license" is divided into online drama and online film, and the license issuing authority is the State Administration of radio and television. The "Duel" that is being broadcast will become the first online drama to obtain the "online standard", and the distribution license is "(General Administration) Wangju Shenzi (2022) No. 001". The upcoming online film leaves on Jinshan has become the first online film to obtain a license, with the number of "(General Administration) wangyingshen Zi (2022) No. 001". In addition, the online film "green face Shura" has also obtained an online drama distribution license.