Technology May 23, 2022 10:00 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Recently, on the "Oscar open source pioneer day", Apache shardingsphere and China Academy of communications jointly established [China Academy of communications x shardingsphere financial user community]. At present, many well-known financial institutions have joined the community, and will continue to attract more financial enterprises to participate in the future, so as to jointly expand the open source ecology of the financial industry. With the introduction of more and more open source policies, more and more industries join the exchange of open source projects. This time, the Chinese Academy of information and communications and shardingsphere, a top open source project of Apache, jointly created a financial user community. Starting from the pain points of financial users in the use of open source projects, it will have a deep insight into the extensibility of the application practice of open source software in the financial field, and jointly build an open, stable and healthy open source ecology of the financial industry—— Zhang Yiyang, Department of open source and software security, Yunda Institute, Chinese Academy of Communications As a highland in the digital field, the financial industry has always paid great attention to data infrastructure; At the same time, open source is also a powerful starting point for enterprises to build their own hard core technology capabilities. The establishment of the X shardingsphere financial user community of China Academy of communications and communications will certainly set a good example for deepening the National Open Source Strategy and improving the core technology capability of the financial industry. We also welcome more financial institutions to join this community to help the development of financial technology—— Apache shardingsphere PMC chair Zhang Liang