Technology Jun 19, 2022 05:04 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Shanghai Petrochemical announced that at about 4:00 on June 18, a fire broke out in the area of No. 1 ethylene glycol unit of the company's chemical department, causing a fire on individual pipelines around. This accident caused 1 death and 1 minor injury. After the fire, the company continued to monitor the environment of the plant boundary and external areas, and the monitoring of volatile organic compounds was normal. The company has arranged to strengthen the sampling and monitoring of rainwater outfall. At present, no impact on the surrounding water environment has been found. At present, the company is evaluating the overall impact of the accident on the company's production and operation. The company expresses its deep condolences to the victims of the accident, expresses its deep condolences to the injured and the families of the victims, and the relevant rehabilitation work is in progress. The annual capacity of No. 1 ethylene glycol unit in the Chemical Department of the company is 255000 tons of ethylene glycol. The unit can switch production of ethylene glycol and ethylene oxide products according to market conditions. In 2021, the sales revenue of device products accounted for 1.16% of the company's operating revenue.
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