Technology Jun 23, 2022 05:56 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On June 23, the launch of iFLYTEK AI translation pen was officially held in the form of online live broadcast. It was the first time in the industry to put forward a new way of "age appropriate synchronous learning" English learning, innovate the product concept, and release two new English learning products for students of different school ages - iFLYTEK AI translation pen P20 and P20 plus, which are committed to "age appropriate exclusive and synchronous learning of English", Comprehensively improve the English learning efficiency and comprehensive application ability of children at all school levels. IFLYTEK AI translation pen P20 is specially tailored for children aged 3-10 to learn English at the same time. Under the concept of "people-oriented design", it takes into account children's physical and mental development and learning characteristics, and creates an interesting learning experience suitable for children of that age through age-appropriate exclusive designs such as hardware, interaction and product functions. IFLYTEK AI translation pen P20 plus is specially designed for students over 10 years old to learn English in depth and synchronously, so that senior students (senior students of primary school + junior high school + senior high school) can learn English in depth and professionally at the advanced stage of English, so as to cope with the increase in learning quantity and depth, scene diversification, fragmented learning and other characteristics, and finally achieve the effect of applying what they have learned. Zhangjidong, vice president of iFLYTEK, said: "iFLYTEK has launched new iFLYTEK AI translation pens P20 and P20 plus for the two learning stages. The core value proposition of the product is' age appropriate exclusive synchronous learning of English '. The best learning method is suitable for oneself. Age appropriate synchronous learning is a new way of English learning at K12 stage under the new curriculum standard."
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