Automotive Jun 24, 2022 09:32 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On June 24, yiou automobile reported that, following the completion of round C financing in 2021, Kuwa robot, which focuses on L4 level automatic driving solutions, announced that it had completed round D1 financing, and the leading investor was ASIC capital. He Zhen, CEO of Kuwa robot, said that in 2022, the company's new orders had exceeded 500million yuan, and the total orders this year are expected to exceed 1billion yuan. Kuwa has been commercialized since 2019, and its operation scale has increased by more than 20 times. In order to deal with the data closed-loop processing problems brought by the massive amount of autonomous driving data, Kuwa has built an efficient autonomous driving data circulation system. In 2020, Kuwa set up Kuwa artificial intelligence and big data industry technology research institute in Changsha to engage in intelligent network linking big data and high-precision map production. In March, 2022, Kuwa automatic driving Supercomputing Center was officially launched in Jiading, Shanghai, providing a high-level computing platform for Kuwa's efficient automatic driving data closed-loop system. Kuwa has launched the automatic driving platform technology, and the technology application spans three vertical fields (smart sanitation, urban distribution logistics and smart travel). It has reached strategic cooperation with Chery, BAIC, Shaanxi Automobile and other OEMs to lay out the commercial application of automatic driving in multiple scenarios. In June, 2022, Kuwa reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation with Shaan automobile Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. to jointly develop L4 level autonomous logistics vehicles and special sanitation vehicles for the 4.5-25 ton full range of models under Shaan Automobile Co., Ltd., so as to accelerate the large-scale application of autonomous commercial vehicles in the field of logistics and sanitation.