APUS Group: The Way to Success in the Overseas Market as A Chinese startup

Technology Author: Linyan Feng Jan 24, 2019 11:59 AM (GMT+8)

Relying on products, partnerships and local team, APUS can rapidly enter into foreign markets. APUS also hopes to build an ecosystem by the fund or alliance.

Attendees at the Redefine Marketing Summit co-hold by APUS Group. PHOTO: Credit to APUS

APUS Group (麒麟合盛) published a draft that reveals delivering users demands and to be native is the two secrets that APUS Group’s revealed its secret for the Chinese Internet industry to succeed overseas, reported by PR News Wire Asia.

Founded in June 2014, Beijing-based Android application developer APUS targeted at overseas market at first. Its first product which works as a skin, or visual interface, that makes the Android operating system easier and more efficient to use earned the company 40 million downloads, mainly from Indonesia where needs for improving their phones’ functionality. APUS has accumulated over 1.2 billion global users in 200+ countries and regions in 2017, aims for two billion in the next three years, said LI Tao (李涛), the founder and CEO of the company, in August 2018. LI founded out Android users’ pain point and provided APUS Launcher, which “will boost mobile performance, making Android phones faster and easy to use, cleaning RAM (Random-access memory) and speeding up their devices. After installation, users will notice the obvious changes that their phones become faster and of course users will stick with APUS Launcher. In the meantime, APUS Launcher is lightweight and can be conveniently downloaded, ”according to LI.

Apart from users values, APUS provides localized and customized services. To fit in local cultures, APUS will optimize their products from the very beginning, also encouraging local developers to release their APP and service at the APUS open platform. For instance, APUS has 25 types of language and launched local activities like JaiHindBharat ( means go for it in Hindi) intriguing more than 220,000 Indian users in three days.

Another way to be native is to immerse into the local market with capitals. In Dec 2015, APUS set up the APUS Fund in India, with an initial corpus of Rs 300 crore (USD 42 million) led by APUS Group along with Northern Light Venture Capital (北极光创投), Redpoint Ventures (红点创投), Chengwei Ventures LLC(成为资本), SIG Global and Qiming Venture Partners (启明创投), which are APUS’ backers. The fund focuses on mobile internet innovation projects in the Indian market.

Jan 23, Redefine Marketing the Global AI marketing Leaders Summit hold by DayDayUp, a business community in China and co-hold by APUS announced the establishment of Global Marketing Alliance, which sets to be the center of globalization, business cooperation and investment platform for Chinese startups and enterprises.

Relying on products, partnerships and local team, APUS can rapidly enter into foreign markets. APUS also hopes to build an ecosystem by the fund or alliance.