Taimei Closes Series E of USD 80 Million
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Taimei Tech's CEO ZHAO Lu was giving a speech. Image credit: Taimei Technology

Taimei Technology (太美医疗) announced the completion of its Series E round funding of USD 80 million, backed by Tiger Global Management, Softbank China and Cowin Venture (凯风创投). Its existing investors include Matrix Partners China, Northern Light Venture Capital and Morningside Venture Capital.

Founded in 2013, the company is a Chinese cloud-based software provider that serves pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations. The company's products are designed to enhance operational efficiency, data collection and analysis in medicine clinical trials.

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Taimei has developed six types of products, including Clinical Data Solutions, Imaging Solutions, Trial Management Solutions, Pharmacovigilance Services, Institutes Solutions and Drug Logistics Solutions, covering all the pain points in the biomedicine R&D process.

As a provider of cloud solutions in the life sciences field, Taimei has independently developed AIMS (Clinical Trial Management System, CTMS), eCollect (Electronic Data Capture System, EDC), eBalance (IWRS), eReport (ePRO), eArchives (Electronic Trial Master File System, eTMF), eSafety (pharmacovigilance system, PV), eCollege (Training management system, TMS) and other core products, according to its official site.

Taimei Technology has entered into business relations with more than 200 local and global pharmaceutical companies, been initially certified with ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 20000 and other quality standards, and become a member of CDISC strategy suppliers and a certified supplier of the World Health Organization Uppsala Monitoring Center (WHO-UMC).

Digital capability is an urgent need for seamless medicine R&D services. Producers, medicine servers represented by Contract Research Organization (CRO), medical machines companies, researchers, hospitals, patients and regulation systems are all essential for biomedicine R&D. TMCloud aims to connect different and multiple processes in the whole supply chain, especially in clinical trials and pharmacovigilance services.

More than 50 pharmaceutical and CRO companies use Taimei’s product, among which there are 10 Global 500 pharmaceutical companies. The total product amount numbers 500 units, serving north of 100,000 patients.

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