Xiaomi Restructures Again: Focuses On The Mobile Phone Department
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Xiaomi Smartphone. PHOTO: Credit to Xiaomi's website

According to news from on February 19, Xiaomi has restructured the company, with the focus on the change of Mobile Phone Department recently. This restructure indicates Xiaomi is paying attention to the mobile phone in multiple areas such as: designs, technology, marketing and product cost etc. This is the fourth restructure of Xiaomi since it launched the IPO back in 2018.

Xiaomi has set up the staff and line department, ZHU Lei (朱磊), who was leading the sales department, becomes the chief of the staff. The staff and line department covers sales and marketing, business operations, cost accounting, and this department directly reports to LIN Bin (林斌), the president of Xiaomi.

Also, Xiaomi sets up the display screen and touch department, and this department is set to report to LIN Bin as well. This department is responsible for the product development and new technology of display screen and touch function.

The department of supervision and the department of internal control and internal supervision are combined into one department. The original safety department is separated into safety compliance department and safety management department. There are other personnel transfers inside of Xiaomi Group as well.

As we can see, this restructure focuses on the department of mobile phone, which indicates Xiaomi is remains on its original path and is focusing on the branding and quality of its mobile phone. Also, as reported by EqualOcean that Xiaomi will launch its MI 9 smartphone on 20 February 2019. LEI Jun (雷军), CEO of Xiaomi, posted on Weibo and WeChat official account stating a significantly discounted price for MI 9 and the Xiaomi flagship phone will focus on providing the most premium products in the future. This time, Xiaomi is putting all its effort to build a high-quality model of the smartphone. The restructuring of the mobile phone department shows the determination of Xiaomi to upgrade its smartphone to a higher tier.

The other change inside of Xiaomi recently is Xiaomi abandoned its flat hierarchy system, and now it set up 10 levels for its staff: from level 13 to level 22. The specialist is at level 13, the managers are at level 16 or 17, the directors are at level 19 or 20, whilst the vice president is at level 22. Previously, Xiaomi only has three levels: the co-founders, the department heads, and the staffs, and Xiaomi is proud for no KPI and clock-in system. Now, Xiaomi abandoned the old system and rules. The new system is better-structured for a fight: especially at this time, for a high tier smartphone.

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